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They get low scores because they don't answer enough questions correctly.

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The scores a student needs on the SAT or ACT depends on where he or she wants to attend college. Some colleges and universities are test optional and do not require admission test scores. Some schools will admit students with below average scores, but other schools have very high standards and only admit students with top scores.

There are many community colleges that will accept low SAT scores or accept students without an SAT score. Regular colleges will also accept students with low SAT scores if they have some interesting volunteer experience or skill.

They don;t necessarily. Some get very high scores and that is because they make the effort to understand the subject, and learn to apply it in all sorts of situations.

A great big section on love & relationship quizzes for all ages (mostly teens) can be found at: if you want teen love quizzes you should check out they have some great ones if you want teen love quizzes you should check out they have some great ones

I think is simply gorgeous if you want to create or take quizzes! It's easy, free, you can create scored quizzes and personality quizzes and also polls, questions, stories, groups.

yea there are some on

Students take standardized tests to make sure they are learning at the right pace in school. In some states, standardized test scores dictate the funding that the school receives from the state.

You can go to it has a lot of different quizzes. Some are fun personality ones, and some are for books and other stuff. when you get to the home page, click on quizzes at the top left hand corner. There you can search a title. Not all books are on it, but if you find one that is, there will be a list of different quizzes based on that topic.

All the,fun,and

I would say Editor | Quoter its AWESOME!!

Try looking at some quiz sites and searching.

Into what kind of percentage do you want to convert it? A percentile already is some kind of percentage. It says that so-and-so many percent score above (or below) your score (or whatever score you are considering). The actual score (percentage or otherwise) can't be deduced from the percentile, unless you look it up in a table of scores. For example, if you are in the top 20 percentile in an exam, and there are 1000 students, get a list of the scores - sorted from high to low - and count the first 20% of scores - in this example, the scores for the best 200 students. The student at position #200 will be the answer.

WikiAnswers is a question and answer website. You can find some quizzes here.

WikiAnswers is a question and answer website. You can find some quizzes over here.

WikiAnswers is a question and answer website. You can find some quizzes here.

You should try doing some of the quizzes on the site, or playing the games.

Bus and busses (but buses is also acceptable).

Cambridge was, according to some sources, founded in 1209 by students who left Oxford following a disagreement.

No, not all students. Some go to summer school, some do internships, some do all of those. Nothing is really "necessary" as summer is widely seen as a break for students after a long year at the university. However, some students could use the money from the job to help them for whatever reason.

some of them have jobs, some of them are busy studying summer courses, some of them are doing internships

Some things found in a classroom that begin with Q are quizzes and questions!

Why not try some quizzes on the Internet? Or you could look at options that involve your favourite subject

There is some gossip in Popstar. There is also fun quizzes and contests, too!

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