Why do some volcanoes erupt and why others explode?


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Some Volcanoes erupt while some don't because there are alot of different volcanoes but they all do the same thing.

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the volcanoes that erupt more often are the ones that are more active than the others which dont erupt as often as the others do

No, not all volcanoes would erupt the same way. Some volcanoes erupt by explosion while others barely trickle lava down the volcano.

yes of course because some erupt more than others and erupt more than others

Very varied. Some volcanoes erupt almost continuously, others erupt at periods of some hundreds of years.

It depends on the volcano. Some volcanoes can erupt very often, while others will only erupt once every hundred years.

It all depends on the the temperature and the consistency of the lava

Active volcanoes erupt. Dormant volcanoes are quiet - but may erupt again some day. Extinct volcanoes have "closed up shop" for good, and will never erupt again.

some volcanoes are extinct and some still erupt

A real donkey is called a jack as in hell

non explosive volcanoes are dormant and will not erupt, whereas explosive volcanoes will erupt at some point.

Usually the magma clogs causing major pressure causing the volcano to explode violently or some times movement in the earths crust

Some do. Most volcanoes will erupt more frequently than that, but some do go 1000 years or more between eruptions.

No because there are some volcanoes that have a lava flow but no explosions. There are some that are extinct volcanoes or sleeping.

As many as it wants. Some volcanoes erupt often, some infrequently

Underground volcanoes don't erupt as much as aboveground volcanoes and some of the volcanoes are extinct.

not all but some can erupt in about 1 1/2 years soon

No, some volcanoes only emit volcanic ash or gases.

is it because there is no earthquakes that area

Yes. Many volcanoes erupt more than once during their "lifetime." Some volcanoes are hundreds of thousands, even millions of yeas old and erupt periodically.

because they were formed under the sea so when they erupt the can form tsunamis

They are different because some are extinct and some are active volcanoes extinct ones don't do anything but active ones erupt.

this all has to do with where the volcano is located. some volcanos are located in places where ther is more activity underneath, and other have not so much activity. the more activity, the more violently the volcano will erupt.

They're all different. Some erupt multiple times a day, some are dead (never erupt) :)

Lava emissions are found with all active volcanoes, although some volcano emit more lave than others.

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