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Because the penis is so big and the vagina is tickled.

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Why do women cry while making love?

because they have to look at your face( Do they see the face in the dark?)

Women cry when you tell them you love them?

Answer Sometimes they cry because they are happy.

When you say i love you women cry. why?

They are overwhelmed by emotions, especially if it is true that you love them

What is the cry of women Seyton talks about?

Some of the women about the castle have found the dead body of Lady Macbeth and cry out. Macbeth asks Seyton what the noise is and Seyton replies that it is the cry of women. Macbeth sends Seyton off to investigate why they are making so much noise while he takes a soliloquy break. When Seyton returns, he has discovered the reason behind the cry: "The queen, my Lord, is dead."

Is it normal to cry a lot when you are pregnant?

Doono To some women cry because it hurts, some don't because it doesn't hurt.

What is the lyrics to making babies cry from Sonny With a Chance?

Baby, there's something that I've got to tell you girl'It just may be the most important thing in the worldYou know that I love youAnd there's no one above youBut there is something I love even more than youIt's making babies cry!I makes me feel aliveMonster peek-a-booIt makes them go boo-hooMaking babies cryYour mommy wave bye-byeYour mommy wave bye-byeWhen I'm making babies cryHey, baby, you're thinking that I'm crazyOr that my reason, it is hazyBut I get so much joyMaking babies cryThe whimpers give me prideBreaking babies' toysIt makes my favorite noiseMaking babies cryWith screaming on the sideMaking babies cryMaking babies cry[Spoken] Baby, I know I'm not winning any popularity contests, but this is what makes me whole. Some guys have flaws. Or play checkers. Others organize book clubs. But me, I make tiny, adorable babies cry their little heads off![Singing] It's what makes me, me!Meee! Yeah, yeahOh, it makes me, meSo, baby, take my handTogether we standAnd we can startMaking babies cry!We'll laugh until we cryMaking babies cryWe'll do it til we dieTogether spend our livesMaking babies cryMaking babies cry (x5)Woah, woah

What can you say about babies?

they are small, they cry, & some people love them!

Why do you cry at the sight of someone else crying?

only some people cry. you do cause your heart goes out to them. i just mean you care, or it could mean that you are scared cause it means that you are going to cry when you find out what is making them cry.

How do you make children cry?

May I suggest not making children cry?

Is part of pregnancy to cry everyday if not what would it be?

Pregnancy or PMS could cause some women to cry or get moody because of the hormone changes. It is also now discovered that some young women as young as 37 plus can start into perimenopause and their periods can become irratic and cause them to cry for no reason at all or feel antsy and moody.

When i cry you cry we cry together and when i smile you smile ever baby?

For ever baby. Love you

Do most women cry when the have a baby?

Most women do cry when they have a baby because 1= In pain 2= Because there so excited

Is it love when your love make you cry always?


Do grown men cry?

Yes. However, men generally do not cry as often as women.

Men's reaction to love and death?

Well, men are obviously different from women, physically and mentally. Men think they always have to be the tough guy or the big shot in most cases and when someone dies, they usually do not cry, and they might not even completely care and dress respectfully. If the person is usually close to the man, they would normally cry in private, and be highly respectful. Even though the man doesn't react highly about death, they act more quickly to love. Love for men (the definition) is different from women. Women find love as an emotion, and men find love as a hobby. Men find love as a verb, making love, such as sex. Sex, to women is nice, but not as nice for men. They think that we (to some men) are slot machines, they enter, they hit the jackpot. (If you know what I mean) And most likely, if the man is religious, they see love also as an emotion. Some men can be players, where they are only in it for love (the verb). Now, I am only 14 years old and I have lets just say an expierience with thsi kind of thing. Sex is a natural thing, and even us women crave it. Now back to the point, obviously, men find these things differently then we do.

Can a real man cry and still be respected in the morning?

A man that can cry is a real man. Ever since man existed men were brought up that it was not suitable to cry and they should maintain strength and dignity to protect those they loved. Men did cry in private, but in was the 1960's when love; peace and 'let it all hang out' came around and some men loosened up and cried when they felt like it and were never considered weak. With many women when a man cries they have a nurturing instinct and to them a man that cries has great empathy for things in his life and that of others which to some women is a great attribute in a man.

How do you not cry when cutting onions?

you do cry the chemicals react with the water in your eyes threrfor making you cry,from a 12 year old

Hue and cry-sentence making?

A hue and cry was raised when the prisoner escaped.

Were does the cherub cry in poptropica?

at the statue of the women

How do you remove a love bite?

cry about it

What are the ratings and certificates for A Cry for Love - 1980 TV?

A Cry for Love - 1980 TV is rated/received certificates of: Iceland:12

What is a caprine cry?

Caprine cry is one of the the supplements that is used to enhance the growth of large busts in women.

What are some popular Reggae love songs that one can listen to online?

There are some Reggae love songs that one can listen to online. They include "No Woman, No Cry", "Cherry Oh Baby", "You Don't Care", "One Love", "A Love I Can Feel", "I'm Still In Love with You".

Why do women cry more easily?

estrigen i think

Where are Mary and the women while they pray and cry?