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Simply hormonal changes drive changes in a persons sex drive throughout their menstrual cycle. Hormonal changes also drive neurological changes that see womens senses being increased during menstruation, and the brain can also incorporate increased vaginal lubrication from menstrual flow as increased lubrication when aroused. There are also some cultural factors such as the idea of sex during menstruation being a little taboo, which can drive increased arousal for some.

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Its the hormonal imbalance that is associated with your menstrual cycle. I know I get horny when I get near my period and I did a little research and what I remember about it was that because of the change in hormones to trigger the actual period causes testosterone to be at higher levels. Don't worry...women have testosterone and men have estrogen, just in lower amounts. That is part of the reason guys have such consistent sex drive, the higher levels of testosterone. But that is another answer to another question. So although its not shown in all women, its normal.

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Can you be pregnant but still have normal periods?

Some women still have periods while pregnant but it is not common.

Can you be sure as to why you missed a period while on birth control?

Some women miss periods as a side effect of birth control. some women miss complete periods while on birth control.

Are women horny?

Some women are but not all it just depends on the person.

While on birth control how long should your periods last?

While on birth control, your periods should last just as long as when you're not on birth control. Some women regularly experience 2-3 day periods while other women can regularly experience 6-8 day periods.

Could you be pregnant if you're on your period but you feel pregnant?

Yes you can ----lots of women have their periods while being pregnant ---some have their periods for up to 4 months.

Can you get your period even if you're pregnant?

Some women do have periods while pregnant but discuss any bleeding with your doctor.

Can you be pregnant while taking the pill and having your period?

It's highly unlikely that you would be pregnant, though some women do get pregnant while on the pill (usually because of human error) and some women do have periods throughout their pregnancy.

Does a girls boobs get hard when she is horny?

I'm guessing you are reffering to the nipples and for some women they do and for some they dont.

Do you have periods if you have endometriosis?

All women are different. Some women with endometriosis will not have regular periods. However, there are also women with endometriosis that either have irregular periods, or even those that have very regular periods. If you think you may have endometriosis, see your OB GYN.

Why do some women get their periods while being pregnant?

It isn't a period, here is a useful article:,1510,6004,00.html

Is it gay that some people would rather look at men who are erect than looking at women who are horny?

No it is not.

Can you be pregnant after having two normal periods?

some women have their periods throughout the whole pregnancy. get tested!

Can you have two periods nearly two months apart when pregnant?

While it is rare, some women do continue to have periods (I know a couple). Most likely is is heavy spotting due to being pregnant. That is much more common.

Why do women experience short light periods while they're pregnant?

Most do not have a period during pregnancy but there are some that do. Check with your gyno. Could just be hormones.

Are your breasts sore when pregnant?

Some women say they are sore, other women experience soreness with periods.

Why do some women not have periods?

There are many reasons why some women never have periods. Most are medical reasons that can be solved or at least the mystery can be. However, there are a few, like myself, who do not have any medical anomalies, who have children and who are perfectly normal. It runs in my family. I had a gynecologist who once told me that it was like I had evolved and that perhaps women in the future women would not have periods at all. I do ovulate.

Do womens periods really sync?

Women's periods never sync since some experience regular periods while others experience irregular periods.

Does LSD make you horny?

It can for some people. Makes me ridiculously horny

Why do women get dry after period?

Not all women get dry after their periods, it all depends on the cycle of your periods and the lubrication of your vagina. Some women tend to be overly lubricated before or after their periods and some become dry after their periods. It shouldn't last more than 3 days though otherwise if it does, you might consider a check up or lubrication in the mean time. On the brighter side, it shouldn't be something to worry about.

How can you turn your girlfriend on while

Just say you are making her a big stew of horny soup and she needs some

Do many people with PCOS actually get pregnant?

It depends on your ovulation cycle. Some women with PCOS do not have irregular periods and can get pregnant with little difficulty, while some women find that their periods stop almost all together. However, with treatment for either PCOS or fertility, the chances for conception and full-term pregnancy are much higher (estimated as high as 70%).

Do red headed women have greater sex drives?

Supposedly, but it seems like there are some blondes and brunettes that are real horny also.

In which month of pregnancy do your periods stop?

Periods stop immediately you get pregnant. Most women are fertile 12-16 days before a period is due. Although most women do not experience periods during pregnancy some women have periods the first couple of months, up to 6 or 7 months and in rare, throughout the entire pregnancy.

Will depo stop your period immediately?

No, not necessarily. Though in some women it may. The rate and effect on periods is not predictable, though it does lighten for most women. Statistics say that after a year of use, half of women using it will no longer have periods.

If your on some form of birth control dont you automatically get periods how can you tell when your pregnant if you get automatic bleeding?

I know about the pill. I have know women (not many) that have gotten pregnant while on the pill, but as soon as they got pregnant they no longer had any periods. I hope that this helps:)

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