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Either it is painful or the pleasure is worth screaming about.


Um ... my guess would be either because if feels REALLY GOOD ... or REALLY BAD. If you asked this questions with a certain woman in mind, my advise would be to ask HER why she screams during sex!


If you look at the woman's face, you should be able to tell whether she's happy or unhappy.


Woman laugh/cry/moan/scream during sex because we are enjoying ourselves and we are far more externally expressive then men are. I would love it if my man was more vocal during sex!

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Q: Why do some women scream during sex?
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Why do some women bleed during sex?

some women bleed during sex because when the penis goes in your vagina it breaks open the hyphen causing it to break with blood.

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Can women actually swirt during sex and how far can it go?

swirt during sex

Why some women don't like to be on top during sex?

Cuz they legs get tired or their inexperienced with that position

Could you have implantation cramps one day after sex during ovulation?

Some women do experience cramps during ovulation. This is most likely what you experienced.

Does women discharge like men during sex?


When do you get cravings when pregnant?

They can start as early as 2 weeks after sex. Some women don't get cravings at all during pregnancy.

How do you know if your hymen breaks?

You might bleed. But some women don't. It'll break during sex of course. Also some women don't have one. Most likely you'll feel it if it does.

What is a orgasam?

an orgasam is when a women or man release there hormones. in men this happens when the ejaculate. and in women when the start to shake and scream and say yes yes yes and when they finish having sex they cant stand up because there vagina is all floppy . Sex :>

Do women like group sex?

some do

Are some women addicted to sex?


Does a women get hurt more than men during sex?


How much time women enjoy during sex?

I don't have a clue.

Can you makeout with somebody who has there period?

Yes, you can. If it leads to sex make sure you have protection because some women can get pregnant during a period.

Do guys like girls who scream during sex?

yes makes you want to pound her harder I also would find it exciting.

What did the slaves do during slavery?

most of the slaves during slavery were tired and exhausted, and bored. Some of the men couldn't handle their hormones and so they'll have sex with the women. Unfortunately, because of the fact that women were weak and the majority will die , women , and men were separated, and had different slavery labor to do. This led the men to have sex with other men , which started the revolution of aids.

What were some of the effects of the industrial revolution on women?

They had sex

Is sex fun during your period?

Yes, sex is fun during fact sex should be fun at any time! During menstruation women can often be more sexually aroused, have increased senses, be more aware of their sexual anatomy, and blood can add to lubrication, as such sex during menstruation can be a lot more enjoyable and women may find they can reach climax easier.

What did the men and women do at home during World War 2?

They had lots of sex

Rubbing women feet with her husband feet during sex?

Yes, it is OK to do this.

Did the women during the American Revolution write poetry?

oh yeah they did sex

Do women ejeculate?

Yes they do. It does not matter the age of the women. during a high excitement of the body through sexual relations the sex a women will ejeculate

What countries practice female circumcision?

Some African countries practice female circumcision. All they are doing is mutilating the Clitoris so the women cannot have pleasure during sex. Some African Countries believe that during sexual intercourse the women does not have pleasure. The women is used as an object. A womb for a child and a sexual object.

What is the Percent of women who can't have orgasms during sex?

Probably 50% or better.most of the time the clitoris dosent get rubbed or stimulated during sex. You have to stimulate with a vibrator or fingers.

Is a big penis better for her during sex?

Size does not matter. Very big penises may hurt. Some women like it, others don't.