Why do space object hit earth?


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Because, either we happen to be in it's way, or the object is pulled in by Earths gravitation field.

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The moon is the closest object in space to Earth.

What is an object sent into space to circle earthA satellite ?

The closest natural object to Earth is the moon.

Saturn's moon Titan is the most recent object found in space to be similar to Earth.

the ball will go on forever unless it hit another object

This is because the object is so large in size.

There are shadows in space... There are shadows in space because when an object block another object from the light of stars near the object and the shadow hit the object behind it then a shadow is made!! By Joshua Aguiza

it orbits an object in space.

Mass, density, shape, and color of a solid object are the same in space as on earth.

weight of all object on the earth will increase,will attract more object from space towards it.

The Moon is the closest object in space to Earth. Earth's moon is of particular importance to us because it is the closest object to Earth in space. And it is the only extraterrestrial object that has been visited by astronauts.

A satelitte is a natural object moving around a larger object in space, or an artificial object sent up into space to travel around the earth.

Gravity causes them to hit the Earth.

Yes they have. There is evidence that they have. However, one should not confuse the fact that "asteroid" is not the correct term to define the object colliding with the earth. An asteroid is the object when in space. However, when it reaches and goes through the Earth's atmosphere, it becomes known as a "Meteorite".

Space bcause theres no air resistance to slow down the object in space.

an object that is sent into space to travel round the Earth in order to receive and send information

Yes there is definitely at least one object in space, other than the Earth, that currently supports life and that is the ISS, or International Space Station.

you cant moron there's no gravity in space there for you can not drop something down to earth from space.

When a meteor hits Earth, it forms a crater, or hole in the ground , made by a space object.

Empty space by it self dose not have gravity. Gravity related to a massive object example our moon & earth. In space you may sense the gravity which comes from one of the massive object in space.

There are always space objects approaching us, and others going away from us.

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