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Because they tend to byheart it.If they learn science by reasoning and thinking it will be the most interesting subject that they would ever find.

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Q: Why do students find science subjects difficult?
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Find average of marks of 5 students?

total marks divided by number of subjects

What are the most difficult subject in secondary level?

There are no subjects that are intrinsically easy or difficult. What you find difficult someone else might find easy and conversely. It depends on your aptitudes, interests and abilities.

Which Edexcel GCSE science subjects does Bitesize cover?

Bitesize covers all kinds of Edexcel GCSE science subjects like The building blocks of cells, Organisms and energy, Atomic structure and the periodic table and Static and current electricity. One can find a list of all the science subjects on the official Bitsize website itself.

Are there any free online tution websites?

I enjoy teaching Physics, Mathematics and Computer Science. I often teach these subjects to students in my neighborhood and in the families of friends and relatives for free. I and some of my friends have started a web site to help students of undergraduate level in Physics and Mathematics. Later I will add other subjects: - Please visit You will find many discussions on many topics. Start a thread to post your questions and also help other students. Both teachers and students are welcome. It is completely free.

Is fifth grade the hardest grade?

Difficulty can vary depending on the individual and the curriculum, but many students find fifth grade to be challenging because it often introduces more advanced concepts in subjects like math and science. However, some students may find other grades to be more difficult based on their strengths and weaknesses.

What are good GCSE subjects to choose if you dont know what you want to do?

Just choose subjects that you enjoy or your favourites

Which school subjects are difficult for children with Asperger's Syndrome?

Subjects like PE and Drama use lots of group activities, which people with Asperger's Syndrome find harder.

Is it true or false that science is easy?

It depends.... I like science so my answer is true. It is different for every person. Some people find science easy, others find it difficult.

Some students may find the test difficult what is the verb phrase?

The verb phrase is "may find".

Why students find math as a difficult subject?

Some do, some don't. It is wrong to generalise.

A survey of forty students found that twelve liked English twenty-three liked Algebra and twice as many disliked both as liked both subjects How many students liked both subjects?

We are unable to solve this question. There is not enough information. The number of students who like both subjects could be any number that is more than, or equal to 0; and is less than, or equal to 20. Adding on, the number of people who dislike both subjects cannot exceed 17 people. There is a wide range of answers: There is not a definite answer. ---- There are a total of 40 students. 12 students like English. 23 students like Algebra. (x) students like both subjects. (2x) students dislike both subjects. We need to find what "x" is. ---- [ x < 21 ] ...because (2x) (Students that dislike subjects) would go over the limit of 40 students, if 21 was any higher. [ x > -1 ] ...because it's possible that nobody likes both classes. [ 2x < 18 ] ...because the maximum number of people who dislike both classes could be 17 people.

What rhymes with montygomery?

geometry,alchemy,biology,psychology,Histology and whole lotta subjects you'll find in science class -.-