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Why do tampons hurt?


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May 17, 2015 6:03PM

Tampons shouldn't hurt if they are used correctly - although they can increase cramps.

Some common reasons for pain when using tampons:

  • Not being relaxed - when tense vaginal canal tightens so insertion is forced.
  • Using too high an absorbency - tampons dry-out vaginal tissues causing splitting.
  • Inserting at the wrong angle - this would cause you to push into a vaginal wall.
  • Not inserting high enough - narrowest part of vagina will push against tampon.
  • Allergic reaction - commercial tampons contain many chemicals you may be allergic to.
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February 24, 2013 10:53PM

(Tampons hurt because they are foreign objects being pushed into a very sensitive part of the body.) Reasons why they may hurt vary. It could be that you did not insert it deep enough. (Don't be afraid to push it farther in, it can't get lost!) When you put it in, walk around to make sure it don't hurt. If it does, remove it and try again with a new one. It could also hurt if you inserted it too forcefully or wrong. If it hurts to put in, make sure you are relaxed! If you are too nervous (if you are at home) try listening to relaxing music before and while you insert it. If you have trouble, take a deep breath, and continue, you should be able to insert it with no trouble after a deep breath. Another reason It may also hurt if it is in too long, so change them regularly. Lastly, it may hurt when removing the tampon. If so, take a deep breath, and pull it out more gently and slowly. Do not worry, again, it cannot get lost, so just relax!

Hope that helps!