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Teachers hold a very important job in society, and they have to be creative with it. It is important for teachers to be creative to help teach their students and hold their attention long enough for them to learn the material.

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Q: Why do teachers need to be creative?
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Why is that the teacher must be creative?

Teachers need to be creative so you learn more!

What kind of personalities do teachers need?

In reality teachers don't need a specific personality to be a teacher. Half the teachers at universities aren't even teachers, they just wrote the text book and want the money. A good teacher will enjoy their job and be able to teach the students. That's all that's really important. Patient, Nice, Creative, Clever, Humorous, Healthy

Are high school english teachers required to take a creative writing class in college?

Generally, yes. Most high school english teachers hold degrees in English, which often requires creative writing classes to obtain.

What has the author Helen E Jones written?

Helen E. Jones has written: 'The effects of a creativity training program for teachers upon the classroom responding behavior of teachers toward creative student behaviors' -- subject(s): Interaction analysis in education, In-service training, Creative thinking, Teachers

What skills do teachers need to have?

Teachers need a patient ,self disipline and etc.

What are some adjectives that describe teachers?

patient, tolearnt, undertanding, helpful, creative, entertaining, engaging

Is the need for teachers increasing or decreasing?

i believe it is increasing because people are in the need for teachers especially good teachers and not teachers who dont listen to a word you say

What has the author Margaret Harding Sears written?

Margaret Harding Sears has written: 'Intellectual and creative talents in young children as perceived by teachers, teacher aides and parents' -- subject(s): Gifted children, Teachers of gifted children, Creative ability in children

Where do they need math teachers?

They need math teachers in all schools around the world.

Do you need to be creative to be an actress?

Not 100%, but you will never get the big parts if you are not creative.

What has the author Ellen Joan Gruber written?

Ellen Joan Gruber has written: 'The effects of a course in basic science processes on attitudes and creative behavior of teachers' -- subject(s): Science, Teacher training, Study and teaching, Attitudes, Teachers, Creative ability in science

Why do you have teachers in schools?

Because if you want to learn you need teachers!

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