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Teenagers (answered by the point of view by one) have a common impromtu of wanting to be the center of attention by any-means-necessary. Ways on doing so may include wearing designer clothes that stand out from normal attire, regardless of price.

Another possible reason might be the freedom to choose their own clothing if they are given the chance to. Teenagers often wish to experience freedom as much as they can.

Another reason, but very uncommon, may be to show that they can manage themselves and their money by 'waving around their money and showing how wealthy they are.'

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Q: Why do teenagers love to spend money on expensive clothes?
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Where do teenagers usually spend their money?

usually teenagers spent money on clothes, shoes, food, movies, entertainment and ocassionlly gifts.

What did Charles you spend his money on?

expensive clothes and paintings he liked.

How much money do teenagers spend on clothes?

Well it all depends on what kind of teenager they act like

What do teenagers usually spend on?

It all depends on the teenager. Some choose to spend money right as they make it and some save for something they want. I am 17 and I spend about $200 a week some going towards a payment plan, some going towards other people I owe money, and some going towards food. It also depends on how much money you earn.

How much money do british teenagers spend on alcohol?

from the money tree

What do most teenagers spend their money buying?


How do you get the money from the teenagers in wimpy boardwalk?

To get money from teenagers in wimpy boardwalk one must be able to provide a product, service, or attraction that draws the teenagers and makes them want to spend money.

What did Henry VIII spend on clothes?

Henry spent a lot of money on clothes because he had the money to.

How does money does Selena Gomez spend on clothes?

she spend over 50,000 dollars

What type of money did they have in the 1900s?

the money they had were shillings and fathers to spend on clothes

How much money total do teenagers spend in a year?

Teenagers spend about 2,000 dollars every years. Estimating teens spend 50 dollars a month on clothing and media. Multiple 50 by 12 and you can approximately get 600.

How much money did American teenagers spend in 2007?

America Teenagers in the year of 2007 spent very much since pervious of years. Many kids spend their money on useless things, things that they don't need. American Teenagers Spent about 1.5 million dollars in the year 2007.