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Pregnancy at any age is caused by sexual intercourse.

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Q: Why do teens got early pregnancy?
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Causes of early pregnancy in the Philippines?

Teens in the Philippines are like teens everywhere else except that they don't have access to contraceptives.

How old was Arthur when he pulled out the sword?

in his early teens

Was teen pregnancy common during the us during the civil war?

People got married in their teens back then so yes, very.

What are teens wage earnings after pregnancy?

The same as before your pregnancy!

Why some teen ager getting invovle in early pregnancy?

when teens have relationships, they sometimes feeel like they should have sex, because of peer pressure or stress, or wanting to keep the relationship together. They are careless, and pregnancy results.

What age did wiz khalifa start smoking weed?

He started in his early teens and he got caught by his mom at age 15

Could you be pregnant if you got your period two weeks early and now having pregnancy symptoms and cramping?

Hiya! Yes you could be pregnant. Do a pregnancy test.

Is milky white vaginal discharge a early sign of pregnancy?

no it is not an early sign of pregnancy

How early can colostrum come in pregnancy?

Depends. Some people get it shortly after they find out. I got it at 14 weeks

What are the causes of teen pregnancy?

When teens do it and arenโ€™t careful.

Who teen pregnancy effect?


Can teens have an epidural during pregnancy?

during pregnancy-no during labor yes

How do teens manage teen pregnancy?

you can manage teen pregnancy by not making out with a guy.

What is the pregnancy rate of teens?

If I'm not mistaken, it is approximately 15 per 1000 teens.

Which of which of these happened during the Great depression?

Many people became hobos apex

Which of these happened during the Great Depression?

Many teens got jobs to help their families... APEX

Is a UTI an early pregnancy sign?

Frequent urination can be an early symptom of pregnancy, but a UTI isnt' an early pregnancy sign.

What age is considered an early teen?

Preteens are: 11-12 Early teens are: 13-15 Mid teens are: 16-17 Late teens are:18-20 Woohoo early teens!

Can you fall in love in your early teens?

Oh no. You can't fall in love really really hard in your early teens. Early teens are a time of intense hormonal activity and falling in love is one of the things that can and will happen.

What major health problems can teens get?

Pregnancy :)

What are the leading causes of deaths for teens?


What is teenaged pregnancy?

Teens being pregnant.

Could you be pregnant if your having pregnancy symptoms and your bleeding light two weeks early?

No it might just be you are unwell or you loss track of your period otherwise it depends what pregnancy symptoms you got

What is the effect in the personality development of early pregnancy?

early pregnancy, none

Are sharp pains in stomach common in early pregnancy?

no because I've got sharp pains but I'm only 10