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China does both double and triple cropping. It is the most populated country in the world with 1.351 billion people. Double and triple cropping help China with its rising demand for food.

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Q: Why do the Chinese double crop?
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What was a major Chinese crop?

Rice- Rice was the major crop because it feed a lot of people and there was and is a lot of fertile land for growing this crop.Silk- Silk was also a major crop because it was beautiful and no other country knew how to make it.(Im not sure about the Silk being a crop, though)

What kinds of crop were grown in Ancient China?

Most ancient Chinese farmers would grow rice

Why does Chinese people eat so much rice?

Chinese people eat so much rice because it is a very easy crop to grow in Asia. It is a staple of their diet.

What were the most popular crops in ancient Chinese?

the most popular crop is rice they have rice farm every ware

How do you crop on Word Microsoft 2007?

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Does taro grow in Mexico?

It is not a common crop but yes, some communities in Mexico - specially of Brazilian and Chinese origin - cultivate them.

What is double delight Chinese food?

Shrimp & beef with mixed vegetables.

What part of speech is the word crop?

Crop is a noun (a crop) and a verb (to crop).

Double cropping decreases overall crop yield?

False. Double-cropping actually increases overall crop yield. Each one of the two crops may yield a little less than if it were grown by itself, but when they are added together, the total is much more than either by itself.

Single Crop And Multi Crop Farming?

definition of single crop an dmulti crop

Why is rice important in Chinese culture?

It's a staple crop in most Asian countries, equivalent to the potato being the staple in many Western cultures.

What does double crop mean?

It means to produce two crops in one growing season. One example would be planting winter wheat in the autumn, then a crop of soybeans in the summer after the wheat is harvested and harvest those in the autumn.

Is tomato a rabi crop or kharif crop?

it is rabi crop

Is bamboo a food crop or cash crop?

it is a cash crop

Is gram a kharif crop or rabi crop?

it is a RABI crop

What is a crop in ict?

To crop something in ict is to crop a picture

Is coffee a rabi crop or kharif crop?

it is a rabi crop

Is watermelon a rabi crop?

I think that watermelon is a summer crop and therefore a kharif crop not a radi crop.

How did Confucianism prove to be a disadvantage for the Chinese?

They discarded the foreign ideas as a result they didn't borrow ideas and neither did they learn how to use animal labor for crop cultivation.

Is barley a kharif crop or rabi crop?

Barley is a rabi crop

What is crop yeild?

crop yeild is how much goods you get off a crop

Is tea a kharif crop or rabi crop?

yes,it is a rabi crop

What is rajma a kharif crop or rabi crop?

Rajma is a Kharif crop.

Is rice is a rabi crop or kharif crop?

Rice is a Kharif crop.

Is rajma a kharif crop or a rabi crop?

Rajma is a Kharif crop.