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The Hawaiian islands are made from volcanic eruptions. The active volcanoes in the circle of fire are to the south of Hawaii.


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the tropic of cancer only passes through the hawaiian islands, north of the main island group. it is south of any of the continental states

they wanted the Philippines and the Hawaiian islands, and the rest of the islands in the pacific. this affected the US by making us go into war.

All Hawaiian itineraries also feature a stop in Mexico or Canada. And once you're in Hawaii, the cruise companies offer many things to do with ports on four Hawaiian islands. On any cruise you will be seeing a whole lot of this stunning state.

Yes, some of the Hawaiian Islands are south of the Tropic of Cancer, the line that the sun never "crosses".

It became an imperialist nation as it annexed the Hawaiian Islands. It acquired all the land between the Atlantic and Pacific Oceans. It limited its expansion to the North American continent. It tried to acquire lands in Asia such as Korea.

Well, yes and no. "Yes" & "No", because some people would say that The Hawaiian Islands have the most beautiful beaches in America, and some would argue and that say that the Florida Peninsula & The Keys has the most beautiful beaches in America.If you ever go to Florida or The Hawaiian Islands coastlines, you'll figure out why this is such a debatable issue.

No. They are animals located in Florida coastal waters and may migrate as far as the Carolinas or Louisiana in the summer. They rarely go into waters below 68 degrees.

There are around 9 barrier islands and 1 system of barrier islands. Go to the following link:

a good website to go on is google then type in babel fish and translate English to Hawaiian and there you go.

No, to get to all 8 islands of the U.S. State of Hawaii all you have to do is book a flight from Honolulu, HI from the Honolulu International Airport (HLU-Oahu) to the Hilo International Airport (HLA-Big Island) to see both of the most populous cities, which are located throughout the course of the U.S. State of Hawaii.Now, if you want to go to the other Hawaiian Islands such as La'nai, Maui, Kahoolawe, and Lihue then you'll have to book a private flight from one of Honolulu's or one of Hilo's private airports.Source(s): My Common Hawaiian Knowledge

Herman Wedemeyer went by Squirmin' Herman, The Hawaiian Centipede, The Hula-hipped Hawaiian, and The Flyin' Hawaiian.

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The cost of a Hawaiian vacation would depend on where you are travelling from. Usually Hawaiian vacations are very expensive due to the distance of the flight as well as your lodging. Vacation choices are really a personal decision though, and if that is where you really want to go, and can afford it, then I would go. I can tell you though that if you are travelling from North America, it is likely much cheaper to travel to Mexico than the cost to travel to Hawaii.

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In some cases if you have Hawaiian blood you can get your tuition fees waived. You may be able to get a Native Hawaiian Tuition waver. You must be able to prove your Hawaiian heritage in order to qualify.

you need to get money and buy a boat then you can go to the other islands

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"Imua Na Koa" which means "Go Forward Warriors". Imua means "To go Forward" and Na Koa, is Hawaiian for "Warriors"

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Some popular places to go canoeing are; the coastline of Britain, Sandgate, North America, Polynesia, canals, offshore islands, upland rivers, lakes and lochs.

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