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Space is at a premium in Japan. To have a room that is only used to sleep in is a lot of wasted space. So during the day the beds are folded up and placed in large cupboards and the room is used for other things.

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Q: Why do the Japanese sleep on the floor?
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What does the term Ryokan mean?

The term Ryokan means a traditional Japanese inn or a small hotel. Since these are traditional Japanese inns, the guest living there had to sleep on the floor with their tatami prepared for them.

How do you say have to sleep in Japanese?

to sleep - neru

What are unique Japanese city home furnishings?

there are sliding paper screens to arrange as needed and straw mats on the floor. They sleep on a padded quilt called a futon

Do the Japaneese sleep on the floor?

no they sleep in beds too

What is the name of a Japanese bed?

The word "futon" comes from the Japanese term for a cushion bed, which is shikibuton or shikifuton.Another type of Japanese bed is the tatami (raised platform bed).

What did the yurok sleep on?

on the floor

Where did the union soilders sleep?

They would sleep in tents or on the floor

Why do Japanese people eat on the floor?

Low tables and sitting or sleeping on the floor is still traditional for Japanese people.

What is dreamless sleep in Japanese?

they can't sleep because they are making out

Why do people sleep in beds in stead of the floor?

the floor is too hard

What do seals sleep on?

The snow floor!

How can kids sleep with no medicine?

they can sleep with there parents in there bed or if they had a sleeping bag they can sleep with them but in the bed in the floor