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Why do the Vancouver canucks have a whale on their jerseys?

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It's a killer whale. And its their mascot.

To add to that point, it is because they are owned by...

Orca Bay Sports and Entertainment operates a network of Web sites that provide information on professional sports and entertainment. It owns and operates the Vancouver Canucks professional hockey franchise, as well as team's home arena and General Motors place in Vancouver, British Columbia. The company was founded in 1995 and is based in Vancouver, Canada.

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What stores sell the Vancouver Canucks jersey?

The Canucks Team Store at the Rogers arena in Vancouver sells the Vancouver Canucks jersey. One can also visit the Canucks website to order customized jerseys.

How did the Vancouver Canucks get their mascot?

I have no idea. Sorry dude. I take it you mean the Orca whale that is displayed on their jerseys. The Orca whale isn't a " Canuck " symbol but was introduced after " Orca Bay Sports/Enterprises " assumed ownership of the Vancouver Canucks several years ago. Surreyfan

What is Vancouver canucks mascot?

An orca whale (killer whale) named Fin.

1975-76 Vancouver Canucks NHL Hockey Team logo?

The Canucks wore the classic 'Stick in Rink' jerseys, which are similar to their current 3rd jerseys.

When did the Vancouver Canucks change to the Orca logo?

The Vancouver Canucks changed their logo to the Orca Whale in the 1997-98 nhl season.

What does the Vancouver Canucks logo look like?

Vancouver Canucks logo is blue and white depiction of an Orca Whale. Their jersey represents the pacific ocean, the totem pole and the Orca whale in the shape of a "C" to represent Canucks.

When was Vancouver Canucks created?

Vancouver Canucks was created in 1945.

Did the 1970 Vancouver canucks have names on the back of the jersey?

No they did not. This season, the Canucks are periodically wearing replica jerseys from 1970 to commemorate their 40th year in the league, and they do not have player names on the back.

Where can you find cheap Vancouver Canucks jerseys?

try hockey monkey they have all sorts of stuff but u do have to go to the states

What is the address to send fan mail to Vancouver Canucks?

Vancouver Canucks Vancouver Canucks 800 Griffiths Way Vancouver, BC V6B 6G1 Canada

How many Canadians on the Vancouver canucks?

There are currently 15 Canadians on the Vancouver Canucks

When did Vancouver become the Canucks?

In 1970 the Canucks were made the Canucks

Where did the Vancouver Canucks get their name?

In 1997 the Canucks unveiled a new logo, in which a Haida-style orca (killer whale) breaking out of a patch of ice forms a stylized "C".

Who is the staring goalie for the Vancouver Canucks?

The starting goalie for the Vancouver Canucks is Roberto Luongo.

What kind of fish is on the Vancouver Canucks' jersey?

It's not a fish; it's a stylized orca (killer whale).

Who is the mascot for canucks?

The mascot of the Vancouver Canucks is Fin

Who is the Vancouver canucks captain now?

#33 Henrik Sedin is the captain of the Vancouver Canucks currently.

Is Vancouver canucks good?

Vancouver Canucks are great, well there better than most teams

What is Alex Burrows's number on the Vancouver Canucks?

Alex Burrows is number 14 on the Vancouver Canucks.

What is Alexander Edler's number on the Vancouver Canucks?

Alexander Edler is number 23 on the Vancouver Canucks.

What is Andrew Alberts's number on the Vancouver Canucks?

Andrew Alberts is number 41 on the Vancouver Canucks.

What is Brad Richardson's number on the Vancouver Canucks?

Brad Richardson is number 15 on the Vancouver Canucks.

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