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If the bike is OK, then the rear wheel should turn when the pedals are turned in the right direction.

But a rear hub contains an one-way clutch, based (usually) on a set of pawls and a serrated ring.

If these pawls get gummed up in rust, dirt, dried up grease or something they won't engage. And if they don't engage, the wheel won't turn.

If you know where to aim, it's possible to flush the hub with a really light oil, which might restore function. Otherwise you'll have to have it replaced. It's a fairly fast and inexpensive job for a bike mechanic.

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Q: Why do the bike wheels not turn when the gears are turned via the pedals?
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When your riding a bike how does energy move from your body to the wheels?

the energy transferred from out (levers) or legs to the pedals makes the gears of the bike spin a chain connected to the tiers there for making it spin.

How does a bike chain and gears work?

Just fine, thank you for asking. The chain transfer power from where it's generated by the pedals to the rear wheel where it can push the bike forward. The gears on a bike work just like any other set of gears, they allow you to trade power for travel - or the other way around. If spinning the pedals is too easy and you can't crank them round any faster, then a change of gears will make the rear wheel turn more WRT the pedals than before, bringing more resistance to the pedals and more speed to the bike. If turning the pedals is too heavy, then dropping a gear will make the pedals easier to turn on the cost of the rear wheel spinning a bit less for each turn of the pedals

What frictional forces help a bike to move?

The wheels against the ground, the axles against the wheels, the chain against the axles, the pedals against the chain, and your feet against the pedals.

How do you work the gears on a bike with 24 inch wheels?

Depends more on what type of gears that you have than it does on the size of the wheels. If the gear levers are the same type as on a bigger bike the 24 inch bike will shift just the same way.

What type of simple machines is a gears?

I'd say the gears on a bike acts as levers, as pedals and driven wheel turns with different speeds and force.

When changing the bike gears my bike pedals don't work at first is this normal?

Depends a little on what kind of hubs you have, but on a healthy bike the gears should engade pretty immediately after a shift. If they don't, something probably needs to be adjusted or lubed.

What type of simple machine is a bicycle gears?

I'd say the gears on a bike acts as levers, as pedals and driven wheel turns with different speeds and force.

What are the gears of a mountain bike?

Gears - wherever you find them - is a way of trading strength for speed, or the other way around. On a bike they let you keep pushing the pedals at a comfortable pace and effort uphill as well on the flat.

What are 6 top answers on which parts of a bike might be hard to ride a bike without?

bars pedals wheels sprockets forks seat

List of parts on a bike?

Wheels (two), tyres, innertube, pump, sadle, handle bars, brakes, front forks, gears, pedals, chain, cogs, frame, cross bar, rear reflector, lights, mud guards.

Where are gears located on a bike?

10-speed can mean two things these days. Either it's an old bike, with two chainrings up by the pedals and five sprockets on the rear hub. (2x5 = 10) Or it's a newer bike, with one chain ring and ten sprockets on the rear hub. Whichever it is, those are the gears.

How was the penny farthing made to go?

A pair of crank arms and pedals were attached directly to the axle of the front wheel. When the rider turned the pedals, the front wheel also turned and made the bike move.