Why do theatres use movie projectors?

Updated: 9/21/2023
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so they can get a higher- resulution video. it also is easier to operate.

Imagine carrying around a 100 ft long by 90ft wide LCD screen when you can just carry around a small projector

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Q: Why do theatres use movie projectors?
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Teachers often use movie projectors, however not to project movies. Movie projectors can be purchased online on sites such as Amazon, eBay and the Staples website.

Are movie projectors practical for a family room?

Movie projectors which are used in film theatre are definitely not practical for use in family room. One can use projection screen or can simple have big plasma screens for family viewing.

Do movie theaters still use projectors?

yes, though some use digital projectors which don't use the bulky reels needed, rather they just stick in dvd-like disk

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Some lower-output projectors (and all of the new so-called 'nano' projectors) use LED's for their light source. Most higher-output projectors use incandescent halogen or HID lamps for the light source.

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