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Q: Why do things need to be equal in order to be sustainable?
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Is Mars a sustainable planet?

Mars is not a sustainable as there is no oxygen, food or water and therefore it is not sustainable. If you had to survive there you would need numurous things (how are we going to transport 4 billion people. Basic things needed are Oxygen, Food, Water and other small things like plants and animals.

How does the idea of a sustainable yield pertain forestry?

Sustainable yield means to not be able to extract things without reducing the base of capital its self. A forest that is damaged by natural disaster would need help in the area of sustainable yield.

Why do you need sustainable energy?

Well you don't. What you need is cheap, clean energy that lasts as long as you are concerned about. Let's assume there is 10,000 years worth of a clean, cheap fuel source available. Only an idiot would not use it because it was not sustainable - because it would run out in 10,000 years. Only an idiot would look for something else, all other things being equal.

How sustainable is your coastline?

Not very sustainable you need to look at what is being done

Why do you need to save?

for sustainable development

What arethe things you need to consider in order to be successful in position as card dealer?

What are the things you need to consider in order to be successful card dealer

How many paper clips do you need to equal a pencil?

You would need 4 paper clips in order to equal the weight of a pencil.

Is there a sentence with the word sustainable?

What the people of the rain forest need is a sustainable reforestation program. Will your new job provide enough income for you to be self-sustainable?

Why do you need to save energy?

for sustainable development

What do people need in order to live?

People need shelter in order to live.They need a home,water ,food,and air.These are some of the things people need in order to live.

What do you need to write in order to calculate things?

You do not need to write anything to calculate things mentally.

What is need satisfaction?

isto keep things in order