Why do tides change?

Updated: 8/11/2023
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The tides change because the gravitational pull from the Moon onto Earth. The Moons gravity pulls the water toward the moon. The Side of Earth facing the moon has a high tides. The Pull of gravity causes Oceans to bulge outward. On the other side of Earth, the Moons pull on solid ground causes the Oceans to bulge there too. The Earth rotates on its axis and so this bulge is constantly changing location. Where the bulge is bigger, its high tide. Where the water doesn't bulge is low tide.

I hope this helps, if there is anything else u want to ask me just let me know. For more information about Tides you could watch a brainpop on

Further. The Earth's tides are a combination of the gravitation pull due to the Moon and also the Sun. When these add, we have the highest high tides. When these oppose, we have the lowest high tides.

Now, the moon takes roughly 28 days for its orbit of the Earth, and since this is NOT an simple multiple of the 24 hour rotation of the Earth, the tides gradually precess round the Earth - the afternoon High Tide will be roughly one hour later each day.

[Ignoring those folk in N Australia and the English Channel (+ +) where local conditions give several tides per day!]
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Sea tides change by the difference occouring in the speed of the waves and the speed of the seismic waves caused by the earthquake.If an earthquake has occoured in a sea region , then there is a chance of 'tsunami' in that area very soon.that happens because of the force generated by the disaster.

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Erosion due to wave action and high/low tides.

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Q: Why do tides change?
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Why do tides change daily?

Tides change every 12 hours and they are caused by the moon's gravity

Does magnetism change the tides?

Moon's gravitation is the cause of the ocean tides.

Does earth orbit causes change in the tides?

No. The biggest influence on the tides is the moons gravitational pull.

What factors can make tides vary?

the moon's revolution around the earth has a major impact on the tides. the sun also has a less great impact on the tides, too. if we had no moon the tides would change greatly

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Can man do anything to change the effect the moon has on your tides?

if the government was to knock the moon off its course revolving around the earth then yes it would change the earths tides however that would not be a very good idea to do that as it would remove the tides altogether

Are tides the same on all coastlines?

Tides are the same, but the same type of tide could or could not be happening in another place.

What is the force that is responsible for tides?

The moon's gravitational force is what causes the ocean tides to change. How Stuff Works has a great diagram and explanation of how this happens.

What effects comes from tides?

Tides change shore lines, transfer food and water via waterways, dispose of waste from waters, can cause floods, wash away items near shore lines, cause seashells and sand ranges to change, and cause fishermen to change their schedules, so that they won't be caught in high tides.

How did the US change tides of World War 1?

It became more peacful.

What moon phases experience the least change in tides?

First quarter and last quarter. They cause neap tides which are neither very high nor very low.

What causes the tides to rise and fall and fall on Earth?

The tidal effect (guess where it got that name) caused by the gravity of the Sun and Moon.