Why do toddlers have blue lips and hands?

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they shouldn't unless there sick or cold
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Why do your lips turn blue?

Not only that lips turn blue and even your nails when someone has been taken the Potassium cyanide or hydrogen Potassium Alexei Mifsud Your lips turn blue in cold weath

What is the medium of your lips are blue?

Folks, do you have stomach fat? If so, call 1-800-Ireallydon't care ifyoudo today! You will receive a big tub of yellow mush and it will be tasty. that is what you cook for di

When a toddler falls and bites there lip what should you do?

Depends on how deep the cut is. You should be able to just apply pressure and stop the bleeding with a paper towel kleenex or if it keeps bleeding and looks serious take them

What do you do if a toddler ingests hand sanitizer?

Call poison control IMMEDIATELY. The toddler will likely be drunkbecause of the alcohol in the sanitizer. Give them lots of fluid toflush out their system, and watch for vomit

What can cause a toddler to pick at their lip until it bleeds?

they might have an irritant rash that they cant control they might have to go the doctors if he is doing it for the sake of it put a horrible tasting thing on his nails so as

Why do your lips go blue?

your lips go blue as the blood circulation is not bringing enough oxygen to your lips

What causes blue lips?

This generally is due to either a lack of oxygen in the blood or to extremely cold temperatures. When the skin becomes a bluish color, the symptom is called cyanosis.

What causes blue lips in a toddler after a nap?

Because toddlers are always on the go, the heart is always at a good pace. Meanwhile whist sleeping most of the body is relaxed and the body grows colder therefore the baby do
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What does it mean when your lips turn blue?

There's somethin wrong. Lips don't turn blue for no reason. Unless you put on some kind of mood lip gloss. Your rather really ill and sick or your dying
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What if a toddler swallow a lip ring?

either go to the doctor, or see if they pass it in their stool. It may upset their stomach. I'm sure that it will be ok unless it gets lodged in the digestive track. And won't
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Why is your hand blue?

Because someone colored it with ink.
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Why your lips turn blue?

When you are cold the blood sort of starts to freeze and it stops flowing through your lips so they turn blue