Why do trees need sun?

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The trees and most plant life needs the sun to make food. The sunlight serves as the process called photosynthesis which the plant utilizes in combining water and mineral to create plant starch which in turn serves as the plants food.

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Q: Why do trees need sun?
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Do palm trees need the sun?

Yes. All trees need sunlight !

Do cherry blossom trees need sun?

all trees need sunlight

Why does Palm Trees need to be in the sun to grow?

of corse the dont need sun

How much sun do pine trees need?

full sun

Do apple trees need sun to grow?


How is pollination similar in pine trees and apple trees?

They both need sun soil and water to live.

What do oak trees eat?

what food do oak trees eatOak trees do not eat stuff they are plants they need sun,water.ect.

Why are all the trees naturally dying?

Because they are old and sometimes need the sun and water

How are trees and alike?

They are both alive, both need the sun, both need nutrients and water.

How much sun does my pear tree need?

Pear trees need full sun, especially when they are still immature. It is best to keep them completely out of the shade and provide them with as much sun as possible.

How are trees and humans alike?

They are both alive, both need the sun, both need nutrients and water.

What do oak trees need to make their own food?

water air and sun

Why is the sun so interesting?

the sun is inrresting cause it helps you to see and it is important cause without the sun we do not have no light and the plants would die and trees would die to and the trees have oxegan and we need oxegan so we could die

Why is the sun so important to life on earth?

the earths sun is important to all life on earth because without it we wouldn't have the energy to live. the sun helps plants and animals grow and trees and we need trees for their oxygen without the sun it will be really dark and cold

How does the sun grow trees?

The sun doesn't grow trees, the trees collect the radiation from the sun and turns it into food and energy for the tree through the process called Photosynthesis.

Do willow trees need oxygen or carbon dioxide to live?

Carbon Dioxide, water, and sun

Do peach trees need SUN?

of course they do both for photosynthesis and for the differentiation to flower and fruit buds.

Why do banana trees need to grow in the exotic places in the world?

Banana trees need a lot of sun, heat and humidity. They do not grow well in cooler or drier places. Also, the soil is an issue.

Why do trees need sunlight?

Trees (plants) need sunlight in order to photosynthesize. That is to trap some of the sun's energy in the manufacture of sugar. Plants don't eat they get their food from the sun and all things that eat plants (including you and me) could not exist without plants doing this. The energy that enables you to lift your arm came from the sun!

What does oak trees need to grow?

Any type of soil, somewhere in the sun, somewhere they can spread their seeds

What do trees get from the sun?

its gets a sun ray of hope

How do you think the sun was made?

I think because if we didnt have the sun we would die we need the sun it brings light to earth we cant grow plants fruit or trees without is we would die

Do apples trees grow best in sun or shade?


Do plum trees grow best in shade or sun?


Why is the Sun central to life on Earth?

It is because without it we would have no light so no plants could grow and we wouldn't be able to get the food that grows on trees or in the ground because there is no sun to keep them growing and they would just die. We need trees and plants to survive because they take in all of the carbon dioxide that we don't need and give us the oxygen that we do need.

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