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it can be protected by its shell

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Q: Why do turtles live in streams?
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A turtle's habitat?

depends on the species. aquatic turtles live in streams, ponds, or lakes terrestrial turtles live in fields or forests

What are the animals that live near rivers and streams?

Turtles,fish, and ducks.

What county box turtles live in?

They are mostly found in the U.S. in states with deserts, streams, marshes, or mountains.

Where do painted turtles live?

Painted turtles live in ponds, lakes or streams. This turtles are found mostly in lakes.

Why do turtles have dry skin?

Turtles do not have dry skin. Turtles live in lakes, streams, and marches, leaving water, generally, only to sun themselves or to lay eggs. Tortoises on the other hand typically live in arid environments and have drier (not dry) skin.

Do snapping turtles live in rivers or streams?

Well i personally have a alligater snapping turtle. and yes they do in rivers abd streams so be very careful you dont get in their mouths becuz they hurt.

Is a turtle a desert animal?

Yes, there are turtles in the desert. Some, such as box turtles, can survive without a permanent water source. Others only live in rivers or streams that pass through a desert.

When did turtles live in water?

turtles still live in water but not all turtles.

Where are turtles?

water turtles live in the water land turtles live in the land

Do turtles live in the Antarctic?

turtles don't live in Antarctica. Turtles live in the seas near the Pacific ocean. :)

Do turtles live in a box?

Turtles can live anywhere. Some live in water.

Do turtles live in VIVARIUM?

Can terrapins and turtles live in a vivarium