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Why do vampires bats very rarely attack humans?

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Humans are animals and vampire bats drink animals' blood.

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Why do vampires and vapire bats hardly ever attack humans?

Vampires always attack humans no one every notices though and about bats i dont know !

Both vampires and vamipre bats feed on blood however vampire bats very rarely attack humans why is this?

Vampire bats have an easier time finding smaller mammals to feed on whereas Vampires have the ability to blend in with society and choose a 'meal' from there.

Why do bats rarely attack humans?

Most bats are herbivores and are only interested in eating plants and fruit. Bats will not attack humans unless they are feeling threatened.

Do bats attack humans on their forehead?

Bats rarely attack and theres not a specific place, depends on if there being attacked

Why do vampires or vampire bats rarely attack humans?

For vampire bats, they only come out at night, and we sleep at night so they cant come to us, same with vampires they only wake up at night and they cant go to your house without an invataition. Plus vampires dont exist

Both vampires and vampier bats both feed on blood -however bats rearly attack humans why?

Vampires -as is Dracula- are mythological creatures. You cannot compare their feeding habits with vampire bats! Vampire bats, as you mentionned, rarely feed on humans. But they can. However, cattle and other farm animals offer a much more accessible source of food to vampire bats.

Why do vampire bats rarley attack humans?

Vampire bats rarely attack humans, because they prefer to get their meal from small sleeping mammals. There are three different species of vampire bats.

Why do vampire bats hardly ever feed on humans?

They rarely attack humans because vampire bats hunt for food at night and humans are very often safely indoors or travelling.

How does vampires help humans?

Vampires do not exist. Only bats.

Do real vampire lose their soul?

Vampires are not real. There is a certain species of vampire bats, however, but they do not normally attack humans.

Why do bats attack humans?

They don't. Bats have no inclination to attack humans, unless they feel threatened by them.

How is it that vampire and vampire bats feed off blood but why do vampire bats rarely attack humans?

because there is no connection between vampires and vampire bates just the name the name was given to the bat because they drink some blood but the bats don't feed off the energy the bat just drink the blood for food

Do vampires live for as long as vampire bats?

Vampires live as long as humans do generally.

Do bats attack humans?

Not unless the bats feel threatened by the humans.

Are vampiers and vampier bats real?

Vampires are fictitious, but vampire bats are very real. Vampire bats do not attack humans, but do bite and lap up the blood of livestock, causing little or no ill effects.

Are vampires existing?

no but vampire BATS do exist but not vampire humans

Which is the difference between vampire and bats?

well bats are animals supostly they drink blood and vampires are humans that are half humans and half bats they drink blood to survive

Can a bat turn you in to a vampire?

In the real world, no. In fact, human vampires donI't actually exist. In fiction literature and films, humans generally become vampires as a result of being bitten by other human vampires. Especially in films, human vampires often turn themselves into bats for ease of travel, then turn themselves back into human vampires once a destination is reached. However, even in fiction, bats don't turn humans into vampires.

Do vampire bats attack jaguars for blood?

They have been known to. Vampires will go after any warmblooded animal.

Are Vanpires real?

I have no clue. Vampires, as in humans that REQUIRE human blood to survive, are not real. There are some bats that live off the blood of living mammals, but they rarely, rarely kill their victim. Most larger animals (cows, horses, etc.) may not even know they've been bitten. However, almost every culture has stories of humans who require human blood to survive and there have been many, many cases of people who BELIEVED they were vampires. vanpires are real

How do you spot a half vampire?

vampires do exist, but there are no half vampires. vampires are not like they are in the films, they don't 'sparkle' have super-speed or strength, they are not immortal and they don't turn into bats. they are just like humans only they drink blood. drinking blood to vampires is like food to humans, they can also survive on normal food to.

Are vampire bats the same as vampires?

No Vampire bats are real, and are bats Vampires are not real, and were human.

What are facts vampires bats?

That's not real no vampires or vampire bats are not real...

Is it hard for vampires to have erections?

umm the answer is yes, because they have to turn back into humans because bats dont have penises

Debate on Vampires Are Real Are Not?

yes vampires are real, bats are vampires. but human vampires are not real