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They are polar and form hydrogen bonds

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The tendency of water molecules to stick to each other is called?


How does hydrogen bonding between water molecules affect the properties of water?

It enables water molecules to stick to each other and to many other things.

Do water molecules stick to each other?

Yes only for compound not mixture

How does adhesion and cohesion affect each other?

Adhesion is where water molecules stick to other things, and cohesion is where the water molecules stick to each other. The combination of this makes it so that together, they can climb up things like roots of a tree to give the tree water.

Why does rain come in droplets?

Water molecules are very polar which causes the molecules to be attracted to each other. This means that the molecules in a rain drop are all attracted to each other and they stick together.

How does Cohesion cause water to stick together?

cohesion is when molecules of a certain similar kind (in this case water molecules) are more attracted to each other than to those of other substances. Water molecules are strongly cohesive as each molecule may make four hydrogen bonds to other water molecules.

Why does water stick to itself?

Because of hydrogen bonds which help water molecules stick to each other. hope it helped i just learned it today

Do water molecules stick to each other by cohesion or adhesion?

Cohesion. Cohesion is when a substance stick to itself (e.g water to water) Adhesion is when a substance stick to something else (e.g. water to glass)

Why are the molecules of water strongly adhesive?

cohesion-- Water molecules stick to each other. adhesion-- Water molecules stick to other molecules. Water is a polar molecule because of oxygen is more electronegative. Hydrogen bonds create surface tension and result it water's cohesive and adhesive properties. Hydrophobic = repel water Hydropholic = affinity for water. ...... hahaha XD

What makes bubbles stick to something?

Water is made up of lots of tiny molecules. The molecules are attracted to each other and stick together. The molecules on the very top of the water stick together very closely to make a force called surface tensionI hope that helps :D

What is the attractive force between water molecules that are close to each other and causes them to stick together?

hydrogen bonding.

What type of water molecules form with each other?

Water molecules form hydrogen bonds with each other.

Why water decays food?

Each molecule of water is polarized, which means that one side is positively charged and the other side is negatively charged. Because of this, when water runs over a substance, the water molecules catch on to the other molecules and pull them into the water (decay), or stick them to each molecule (as in a solution).

Do water molecules attract each other?

Yes, Water molecules attract each other through hydrogen bonding

Are the molecules in water close to each other?

The molecules in water are closer to each other than those of water vapor, but farther away from each other than those of ice.

What is the relationship between oil and water?

The relationship is that they do not mix. The molecules in water are attracted to each other and will not mix with the oil molecules which are also attracted to each other and therefore will not mix with the water molecules

What happens when a sugar cube is put into a cup of tea?

The sugar dissolves in the tea. Solid sugar consists of sugar molecules that are bound to each other, that is, the molecules stick to each other, forming the solid. When solid sugar is placed in water, the sugar molecules break free from their bonds with the other sugar molecules and wander around amongst the water molecules that make up the liquid water in the tea. The tea takes on a sweet taste.

What is waters ability to stick to itself called?

Water molecules form weak hydrogen bonds with each other when close, which causes them to stick together. This is called cohesion. It is one of three highly unique properties of water, the other two being adhesion, which is water's ability to stick to other materials, and surface tension, which causes the water molecules to act almost like an elastic sheet, like when water is on the lip of a glass, but doesn't spill.

Explain surface tension of water?

Water molecules stick to each other because they can form what are called hydrogen bonds. The positively charged hydrogen atoms are attracted to the negatively charged oxygen atoms of other molecules. This stickiness means that a water molecule wants to be next to as many other water molecules as possible. so if you put something light on the surface of water, it might not be heavy enough to force the water molecules underneath it to separate.

How are Water molecules are attached to each other?


How do molecules react?

Molecules react depending on their chemical properties. The negative and positive parts of atoms are attracted to each other. For example When water molecules get close to each other, they start to "stick" together due to the partial negative charge of the oxygen atom and the partial positive charge of the hydrogen atoms.

Why do large groups of sugar molecules break apart in water?

when sugar dissolves in water the sugar molecules are more attracted-to the water than each other.the molecules-break apart from each other and water molecules surround them.

How do water molecules interact with each other and why?

Water molecules stick together when they get closer together. This is due to the partial positive charge of the hydrogen atoms and the partial negative charge of the oxygen atom. The sticking together is called cohesion.

Do molecules and atoms attract each other?

Yes. These are called intermolecular attractions. A water molecule attracts other water molecules.

Do water molecules tend to push away from each other?

No, they tend to attract each other.