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Because you have a leaky pipe joint or a bad pressure tank.

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Why does water have to do with air pressure?

In a well system, water is propelled by air pressure.

What causes air to get in water lines?

Usually the well pump sucking air in with water due to low water levels.

What is aerohydrotherapy therapeutic use of air and water?

Well aerohydrotherapy therapeutic uses both air and water

How will you that air dissolve in water?

well we can say that air dissolves in water as marine animals need O2 for breathing.

Why do large ships float and not sink in water?

Buoyancy, when a ship enters the water, there is air in it correct? well that air keeps it afloat on the water.

How does air pollution get into your drinking water?

Well Air pollution can get in your water by gases travel ing up into the air and then coming down as acid rain

Can air push water out of a container?

Yes because if the container has a whole in it the air well make the water squezze out of the whole

How does water get into an air pressure tank?

If you mean a well tank, the water is forced in by the pump. The residual air pressure pushes the water out to the faucets.

Why would there be air in your well water lines?

There is no air in groundwater. If there is air in your well water lines then either your pump or foot valve is at static water level and sometimes sucks air, - or there is a small leak in the pipe which will both admit air and leak water, depending on pressure. If you are using a Jet-pump at a well shed, air leaks are quite common. Most people do not know how to properly attach water pipes to fittings. It is also possible that the down pipe into the well has vertical cracks. This too is common certain kinds of pipe.

What happens to sperm in water?

well when sperm mets air it dies right away. So in water it dies because its has air.

Frog can live both land and water?

Yes ,it can breath from water as well as from air.

When your stomach growls is it caused by blood air or water?

water well acid really but water is the closest

Does iron need water and air to rust?

Iron can rust even without water, but it rusts much more rapidly if it is exposed to water as well as air. It is the oxygen in the air which causes it to rust.

Submersable well pump pumps air and water?

No, pumps water only. A submersible pump can only pump what it is submerged in and since there is no air under water......

How do you get air out of well water system?

The air can only enter through bad joints in your piping between the pump and well. -Improve you joints.

Why is Water in Honda Accord Air Conditioner?

Water is a byproduct of air conditioning, as this process removes dampness as well as heat from the air. If water occurs in an unlikely location, look for a leak in the drain hose.

Will a airsoft gun be damaged by water?

yes it will there are small delicate parts designed for air not water. If you get water in it and shoot it you will damage the delicate parts because water does not compress as well as air.

How can air get into water pipes?

What type of water system - city supplied or private well? That is the foundation of your answer.

Should water be cloudy from hot water heater?

Cloudy water indicates you have air mixed with the water. It is common for hot water to be cloudy when you first turn on the faucet. It should become clear in a few seconds. The air in the water will do no harm. If you have a well then there may be a problem with the well. Have it looked into by a professional.

How does air get into well water pipes?

Air often gets in through badly connected pipe joints.

Does sound travel best through water or air?

the sound wave is travel through air well,

Where other planet can you live?

no you can't because there is no air as well as no water.

What is the water resistance?

well air resistance isss.......................haaaa no iddeeeaaa

What happens when air is saturated with water?

well......poop falls out of the sky

Do acorn barnacles breathe in air or water?

air, through diffusion of the dissolved oxygen in the water (however, they can survive anaerobically for some time as well)

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