Why do we have to go to school?

There are two theories. The fiction one, and the non-fiction one.
We attend school to receive an education. That way, when we are older we know how to handle situations and such.
Fiction: We attend school because grownups are sick of us and want to torture us.
Adults are really just helping us to have a good life. They either have hopes for you or they sometimes even want you to have a better life than you do.
That is the truth, although it is possible that one or two teacher have it in for you.

And we have to go to school because we have to!

On another level, society sends children to school for multiple reasons.
1. To prepare students to be productive members of society, by giving them skills to become more than just manual labour workers.
2. To socialize children with one another.
3. It is believed that education gives children the largest chance at living happy lives.
4. To give everyone at least a basic level of education.