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Why do we need computers?

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We wouldn't be able to do much research without them and we wouldn't have much ways to communicate. Computers are very accurate.They don't take lunch or tea breaks and can work continuously for 24 hours a day.Some works like weather forecasting and space exploration would be impossible without computers.They can store large amounts of data in a small space.we can also listen music play games and much much more

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Why do you have computers and what do you need them for?

You need a computer to ask why you need a computer. you need computers to find out information

Why do computers need to be upgraded or updated?

why do computers need to be updated or upgraded

Do we need sattellites for computers?

I am not sure if this is correct but I believe we don't need sattallites for computers but we do need them for the Internet

How many computers do you need to complete the boss level?

you don't need computers in the Boss tier. computers are needed in the under boss tier. approx you will need 300 of them.

Why do schools need computers?

Schools need computers for doing some research on topics. Teachers would also need computers or laptops for planning out the day on how they would teach the students

Why do we need speakers for computers?

why do we need a motherboard

Why do you need to network computer?

why do we need to network computers.

How are computers good?

Computers are good because if you need information a computer is what you need can anyone tell me i dont have any reasons:)

Do pharmacists need computers?


Do only personal computers need some form of operating software?

All computers need some sort of operating system.

Will a 2006 5.7 fit into a 2005 dodge ram 1500 with a 4.7?

Will bolt in, but the harnesses, computers, etc will need replaced.Will bolt in, but the harnesses, computers, etc will need replaced.

What do you need to connect several computers?

Well, it depends on the topology you choose to connect computers. Topology is the way used to connect computers. If you choose bus topology then you need a cooper wire (main line) for transmitting the network signals, and you need some taps and some drop lines(wires) for connecting your computers to the main line. And if you choose star topology then you need a hub or a switch to connect sevral computers. You can also connect computers by wireless technology, for this you will need some wireless receivers.

Why do computers need to communicate with people?

Computers don't need to communicate with people. They can function without any connection to the Internet or another network.

Why do you need algebra in computers?

Because i like tacos and people are stupid. If you think this answer is stupid why dont you tell me y you need algerbra in computers.

What is the book you need when you are a beginner and you want to learn about computers to get an office job?

what is he book you need when you are a beginner and you want to learn about computers to get an office job

What qualities do you need to have in order to do something with computers?

I really need some one to help me find out what qualities i need to have in order to work in computers or do anything with computers,so if any one has any ideas please send me some kind of , Thank You!!!!!!!!

How do Computers run?

Computers run off of power. You will need to plug your computer into an outlet and turn it on.

Why are computers important today?

People need computers so they can help them research important thesis

Do computers need a cold boot when becoming active from hibernation?

Only on some certain computers

Who is the Roman god or goddess of computers?

There is no Roman god or goddess of computers. Way back in ancient Rome, there were no computers, so therefore there was no need for a god or goddess of computers to be worshiped.

Computers grew out of a human need to?


What do most computers need?

A power source

What do you need to connect two computers?

a cord

Do all computers need a hard drive?

Generally all computers need to have a hard drive. This is because the hard drive is where the operating system is stored.

Can you use a single modem to connect two computers?

If you want to connect two computers together, you do not need a modem for it. If you want to connect two computers together and connect both of them to internet yes you need a modem.