Why do women become prostitutes?

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Reasons why women are in prostitution;

- there are no jobs they are qualified for and they have a family to support. Often the case in poor countries.

- they are forced to do it as in trafficking.

- Some have been abused and sex is the way they find validation. The only way to be able to deal with their past as abused children, they relive it.

- they need money for an addiction. At the same time is the prostitution something they need drugs to be able to handle so it becomes a vicious circle.

- they enjoy sex.

- it's nothing more than a job where you can control working hours, payment etc. In countries like Germany where it's legal and the Netherlands they have a union.

Because they view themselves as rental properties. They think that it makes them more special and expensive. When actually men pay simply for the convenience,because of its availability and because they're easy to use for sex.


Psycological issues, poor parenting, were sexually abused. The source as of all bad things is the devil.
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Why do women prostitute?

I think there are two main reasons. Some women get forced into the life by pimps. For others, it's an seemingly easy way to make money fast. The majority of prostitutes in the

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I don't think most women love prostitution, but i do think it appeals far more to women than men as a profession for several reasons. 1. They get money that is fairly easily

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Why do some people become prostitutes?

There are many reasons for prostitution. . Runaways that do not know they have places to turn are easily victimized . People hooked on drugs become desperate for income .
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What cause a women to become a prostitution?

Getting into debt - increasingly through drug-addiction. Their drug-suppliers are often the same people who pimp them out.
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How do you become male prostitute?

Move to where such activities are legal, perhaps Nevada or Europe.Once there, apply at the brothel.