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I think some women are jealous of married women they try to become a mistress.Women who do not want a relationship know they can get sex, money etc. from the married man and know that the man will not leave his wife.

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โˆ™ 2005-09-15 04:48:48
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Q: Why do women flirt with married men?
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Can a married Muslim women flirt with men?

No, Muslim women cannot flirt with any men. It is forbidden in Islam.

Do gay men flirt with women?

Yes, sometimes gay men flirt with women, most often to be funny.

Why do married men flirt with other women?

For the same reasons that married women flirt with other men. Married isn't dead. I do it because I like to see the ladies smile and laugh, and because everyone enjoys a compliment. After 11 years, my wife is pretty used to it. Others may flirt for other reasons. If it's your husband, it something you should ask him.

Why do men flirt with married women?

i do it because it a challenge to see how far the women will go to risk her marrage for something that may not go anywhere

Why do married men flirt with married women?

Because married women are not a threat. ANSWER: They do so they can see if they still have that "buzz" they used to have before they got married. Some married man do it just for the fun of it..

Why do women flirt and touch men?

To get their attention or you know do it

When miroku and sango got married did mirkou still flirt with other women?

ofcourse he does, he will always flirt!

Why do married men flirt?

they love it because its so badass

Is it ok for married men to flirt?

as long as it is for business and not for pleasure

Why do women hit men?

because flirting is fun men flirt but women shiouldnt be left out it's what keeps us going :/

Is it ok for a married man to flirt even if he says he wont take it any farther than flirting and all married men still flirt?

I don't want to sound harsh, but no, it is not. Even though flirting may seem harmless, it can lead to affairs and lust. If a man really loves his wife and wants to preserve his marriage, then he won't flirt with other women. And even if all other married men flirt, why does he have to follow their bad example? If they go and jump off a cliff, is he going to jump off, too?

How do women now when to flirt with men?

You see a large his back pocket.

Are black men allowed to date white women in Africa?

Yes. In Africa some black men are married to white women. And some white men are married to black women.

What kind of men dates married women?

because they like women with experience in bed... and married women have that...

What percentage of gay men are married to women?

The vast majority of gay men married to women are closeted, so the percentage is unknown.

Can sims 2 elders get married?

Yes they can. Old men can get married to young women, and I think old women can get married to young men on sims 2. Old men can get young women pregnant on sims 2, but old women cannot get pregnant no matter what.

Why do some women hate men?

Some women are not ready for a real relationship so keep cool and try to flirt.

Why do women chase after married men?

Human beings normally have a sex drive. Humans are biologically driven to mate and prolong the human species. Marriage is a social and legal condition which does not make a man less attractive biologically. Married men often hide the fact that they are married and flirt with women just as if they were still single. Other married men try to give the impression that their marriage is temporary-- that they are planning end it . Some men have wives that will let them be unfaithful and so are looking for an extra-marital relationship. Very few women chase after married men specifically, but some will become interested in an attractive man who flirts with them.

What percent of women are virgins when they get married andwhat percent of men are virgins when they get married?


Do married women flirt with other women?

yes it is possible and has been done ;) try asking a more specific question like why would married women... 177

Why women want to get married and men don't?

Men do actually

Can Muslim women get married to Hindu men?

a muslim women can not marry any men who is not muslim

Do India men marriage American women?

Yes, men from India have married American women.

Why do men flirt with other women?

Sometimes, men just want to be noticed and think the woman is pretty. He wants to start a relashonship with her.

Why do women prefer married men?

Women want what they cannot have, which is why most crave married men. Married men usually have some characteristics including the capacity to love and be in a commitment, which is something hard to find in the male population.

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