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Why do women shave their armpits?

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September 21, 2015 9:14AM

No! The real answer is MONEY! The big business cosmetic machine strives to maximise the propagandisation of NEED! "You must shave; wax; apply this lotion etc etc! Personally I think that their is little more raunchy than an attractive woman with a nice bush under each pit!
Women shave, because society tells them to do so, and they blindly follow without question. An unshaven woman in no more hygienic then a shaven one. I think it is normal

and attractive for a woman to have her natural hair.

It has kind of become a custom in America for females to shave their armpits. It is mostly for looks, as we are used to seeing women without underarm hair.

Well, everyone goes through puberty and grows hair in certain places like underarms so some people would like to

(a) be pretty and shave

(b) it bugs them

"so that boys and other people dont see the black hair under there arm pits"

Not all boys dislike hairy armpits. Personnaly I like hairy armpits, it is more natural and part of women beauty. I'm a french artist and choose only models with hairy armpits when I organize live model painting session.