Why do woodlice smell?

Updated: 12/3/2022
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Q: Why do woodlice smell?
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How do woodlice smell?


How many woodlice are left in the world?


Can your dog eat woodlice?

Yes, you can eat woodlice. Disgusting, huh?

How old are woodlice when they die?

if you will kill the woodlice it will die......................

Why do woodlice have antennae?

woodlice have antenas because

Do woodlice have teeth?

yes, woodlice do have gills

Are woodlice negatively or positively phototaxis?

Woodlice are negatively phototaxis as they move away from light.

When do you know when woodlice having babies?

Gray! But there is a type of woodlice called the pink woodlouse so they are pink! But woodlice are gray! :-)

Are woodlice negative or positive phototaxtic?

woodlice show a negatively phototaxtic

Where would you find woodlice?

you would normally found woodlice in a toilet

A simple fact about woodlice?

Woodlice can survive many minutes underwater.

Is woodlice vertebrates?

Nope, Woodlice are invertebrates, which means that they do not have a backbone. Woodlice are not insects but crustaceans and are more closely related to crabs than to insects.