Woodlice (Roly-Poly and Pill bug)

Woodlice are crustaceans with a segmented exoskeleton. There are over 3,000 species of woodlice found worldwide. They are sometimes commonly called roly-poly and pill bug.

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Woodlice (Roly-Poly and Pill bug)

What do roly polies taste like?

If prepared well, they taste similar to shrimp. And yes, they’re edible.

Contrary to popular belief, roly polies (also known as pill bugs, doodle bugs, potato bugs, and by their scientific order name, Armadillidiidae) aren’t insects or arachnids. They’re land crustaceans, and as such, they’re more closely related to lobsters, crayfish, and shrimp.

As a general disclaimer, you shouldn’t eat random crustaceans you find walking across your basement, but if you decide to eat roly polies, they’re apparently fairly easy to prepare. The blog Off Grid Homestead Prepper recommends boiling them to sterilize them, then frying them in the oil of your choice.

“I regret not trying the sow bugs after boiling them but before frying them,” the writer notes. “I would like to know if there is a taste change because after frying with a little olive oil [because] all they tasted like was olive oil.”

“I ate about half and will probably throw the rest into a salad where the taste will be hidden. They would be fine to throw into a stew or soup if you were just trying to boost your protein levels.”

That doesn’t sound especially appetizing. Here’s another perspective.

“From my experience, some of them do in fact taste similar to shrimp,” writes Joe for the sustainable food blog Eat the Planet. “Any bug should be cooked before eaten, but some people eat them raw. They make a great sauce, or they can be added to soup. There are a lot of other ways to cook them including mixed with dough, egg, or rice.”

Joe notes that some pill bugs might be less edible than others, and he only recommends eating the wood lice that roll into little balls (since they’re less likely to be confused with non-edible bugs like pill millipedes). There’s no need to remove the shell.

You’ll need quite a few of them to make a meal, but they’re not poisonous to humans. Don’t eat any that smell bad, and if you notice a bad taste, stop eating. If you ever find yourself in a dire situation in which pill bugs are your only source of sustenance, that could be important knowledge.

And while roly polies aren’t technically insects, we should note that many insects are edible, and the United Nations has essentially advised people to eat more bugs in order to fight world hunger. The United States might be getting with it—the Seattle Mariners recently introduced fried grasshoppers as a concession at Safeco Field, and the dish quickly became one of the park’s most popular food options.

Woodlice (Roly-Poly and Pill bug)

How many eyes does a pill bug have?

2 eyes

Woodlice (Roly-Poly and Pill bug)

What color is a roly poly?


Woodlice (Roly-Poly and Pill bug)

How do you get rid of roly poly in your house?

Either kill them yourself or call an exterminator. :)

But determine why they are there. An occasional, solitary woodlouse has probably crept in by accident, or been carried in on something. If it's an infestation you are dealing with then merely killing the animals is shooting the messenger, for their colony indicates damp and decaying timber (their food).

Woodlice (Roly-Poly and Pill bug)

What do roly poly bugs eat?

they eat dead grass or decaying plants and animals and sometimes can eat living plants but there really hard for them to chew.

Woodlice (Roly-Poly and Pill bug)

What do roly poly bug eat?

Woodlice (Roly-Poly and Pill bug)

How do you know if a pill bug is a boy or girl?

look at the bottom legs females will have egg pockets on the legs

Woodlice (Roly-Poly and Pill bug)

What do woodlice do?

Woodlice eat dead and decaying plant matter so that is is converted back into nutrients that plants can use to grow

Woodlice (Roly-Poly and Pill bug)

What do woodlice eat?

Woodlice eat decaying or soft wood. They also eat rotting plant matter such as fruit and leaves, and they eat other animal's waste to provide them with key nutrients.

Woodlice (Roly-Poly and Pill bug)

How do you tell if a roly poly is a boy or a girl?

A girl has a finer, gray colored back shell. The boy has dark black. A girl is sometimes slimmer than a boy. boys usually have some white legs, and some normal. for more Roly-poly facts go to WWW.ROLY-POLY.ORG jxk

Woodlice (Roly-Poly and Pill bug)

What happens when you put salt on a pillbug?

Nothing. They're terrestrial.

Woodlice (Roly-Poly and Pill bug)

Does woodlice eat dead leaves?

Yes, woodlice do eat decaying leaves.

Woodlice (Roly-Poly and Pill bug)

How do you cure a sick pill bug?

At times, curing an organism as small as an isopod proves to be a rather difficult task, if not nearly impossible. The best thing to do would be to separate the sick pill bug from the rest of its group, if not already individualized. This would prevent the spread of the disease to the other pill bugs. Because no current medication exists, it is necessary to have hopes that the pill bug will cure itself...

Woodlice (Roly-Poly and Pill bug)

What do roly poly bugs drink?


Woodlice (Roly-Poly and Pill bug)

How many legs does a roly-poly have?

The roly-poly bug (aka pill bug, BB bug, and Armadillo bug) has seven pairs of legs for a total of 14 legs. It is classified as an isopod, a different type of arthropod than insects, which have six legs, or arachnids (e.g., spiders) that have 8 legs. The roly poly can roll up into a tight ball with its exoskeleton providing armor to protect it from predation.

The related link below shows a diagram of the anatomy of the pill bug/roly poly.

Woodlice (Roly-Poly and Pill bug)

Do woodlice hibernate?

certain speacies do

Woodlice (Roly-Poly and Pill bug)

What are a group of woodlice called?


Woodlice (Roly-Poly and Pill bug)

Can woodlice live under water?

Woodlice have adapted to living on land, but can also survive in moist places. They have small gills, and yes, they could live underwater.

Woodlice (Roly-Poly and Pill bug)

How many woodlice live in a colony?

around 20

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Woodlice (Roly-Poly and Pill bug)

Is there a concrete substance that will cure in damp conditions?

yes there is ..it's called hydo cement...even cures UNDER water..you have to be fast ...it heats up and you have only a few mins. to work with it....it even stops moving water.

Woodlice (Roly-Poly and Pill bug)

How are woodlice adapted to their habitat?

Woodlice have flattened bodies to help them crawl through cracks and narrow spaces, such as those seen in rotting logs and underneath bark. They also have comparatively strong exoskeletons to protect them from predators.

Woodlice (Roly-Poly and Pill bug)

Can woodlice survive under water?

yes because they have gills

Woodlice (Roly-Poly and Pill bug)

What do baby roly polies look like?

They are little tiny white versions of their parents. Often found snuggled up among their mother's legs.

Woodlice (Roly-Poly and Pill bug)

Where do roly poly bugs live?

Roly pollies mostly live underneath bricks, flower pots, leaves, mulch, and rocks. They like moist, damp areas and eat decaying vegetation.

Woodlice (Roly-Poly and Pill bug)

How do woodlice breathe?

Woodlice Breathe Through Gills Located On There Back


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