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The same thing used to happen to me years ago. I'd wear a watch less then an hour and it'd stop. It didn't matter if it was wind up or battery operated. I had someone at my work that didn't believe me so I told her to give me her watch and see what happens and sure enough it stopped. I had no idea why this was happening to me. I even called a watch store to see if they had any answers. They didn't know why either but had heard of it too and suggested putting electrical tape on the back of the watch. That didn't help at all so after buying many watches (and not cheapies either) I just gave up and quit wearing them. I just found out within the past year that some people that have had an NDA (near death experience) can't wear watches. I know when I was a baby I came close, I had whooping cough when I was a baby and before my mom could get me to the hospital I stopped breathing at one point. I'm not sure if I actually had an NDE or not then. But that wouldn't explain why all of a sudden years later watches would stop. I did read that some people have a lot of electricity in them and that could stop a watch. I also read about people healing pain by placing their hands on someone. What was so weird is that this watch stopping all of a sudden started and lasted a few years. Now I can wear watches again. I had gotten so used to not wearing one that now when I put one on I don't leave it on for long. I just read that with some people it takes a few days or even a months before theirs stops. So I think I'm going to do a little test and wear mine for a longer period and see what happens.

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2020-10-09 19:30:23

Try putting a piece of scotch tape on the back of your watch face where it touches your skin.ย  It works for me!ย  (I have a lot of electricity in my body, including electrical heart problems and can't wear a watch either without the tape).ย ย 

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