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Because it tastes better!!! If you're thinking of a no-cook recipe with condensed milk, the acid in the lemon juice thickens the filling so it's not a liquid.

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Q: Why do you add lemon juice to a plain cheesecake recipe?
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Where can I find a cheesecake recipe on the Internet? has over 200 cheesecake recipes to choose from. You can also find recipes at ranging from plain cheesecake to tiramisu cheesecake.

Does drinking plain lemon juice with out water do the same as drinking mixed with water?

Plain lemon juice is a fruit juice, albeit rather acidic like grapefruit juice. It does not count as water. Sucking on lemons can actually deteriorate the enamel of ones teeth. The benefits are very similar to grapefruit juice.

Where can I find a simple cheesecake recipe?

Plain cheesecake will be the easiest to make if you are just beginning. You can find many recipes for cheesecake online at places like and The local library can also be a good resource for books such as "The Cheesecake Bible" by George Geary.

Can you use plain lemon juice?

Yes, it can be added to lots of things like making lemonade, sauting chicken in lemon juice, you can also mix it with equal parts sugar to make a lemon glaze for desserts.

What are some ways to spice up a dull cheesecake recipe?

Many people like to consume plain New York style cheesecake. Others like to modify the recipe with different ingredients. Some make exchange the standard graham cracker crust and use and chocolate graham crackers instead. Others may zest up a recipe by adding caramel, lemon or different flavorings to their favorite recipe. And of course many just decide to top the desert off with a dab of fruit spread or whipped cream.

Are there any good diabetic cheesecake recipes?

The following website offers a simple to prepare diabetic cheesecake, Plain gelatin can be used instead of flavored in this recipe.

Can you eat raw artichoke?

yes. Some like it with lemon juice or salt. Some like it plain.

Can you use plain flour instead of self raising flour when making scones?

yes; but if the recipe calls for self-rising flour, you will need to add baking powder. You may use baking soda if you add vinegar, lemon juice, or replace the liquid in the recipe with buttermilk or sour milk.

Can you replace milk for buttermilk in a recipe?

If you're asking for a buttermilk substitute, place one tablespoon of lemon juice or vinegar in a one cup measure. Fill to one cup mark with regular milk and let sit for five minutes. Use for buttermilk in any recipe. I don't think plain milk would give the correct flavor to the recipe.

What can you use instead of sour cream in a cheesecake?

Plain yogurt is made the exact same way, only they use low fat milk instead of full fat cream. It makes a great healthy version. Always remember, a good cheese cake always has lemon juice in it.

How do you get rid of acne dark spots?

A mixture of honey and lemon juice can blemish the scar. you can use plain curd also

What is the difference between plain cheesecake and new york stle cheesecake?

Well I don't really know for sure but I just tiped it in on Google and I got a recipe... now I don't know what is in a normal cheesecake but here is the website,1813,158162-229192,00.HTML go on it and you can have a look at it and she if there is a difference or not! :D

How many calories does a slice of cheescake have?

A slice of plain original cheesecake from the cheesecake factory is 1000 calories.

How many calories are in one slice of cheesecake?

About 300 caloires, for an average-sized slice of plain cheesecake.

Can you use heavy cream instead of sour cream in muffin recipe?

yes. Sour cream is made by adding live yogurt cultures to heavy cream and leaving it at room temp for a few days. You can either add some plain yogurt to your cream and leave it out for a few days, or you can add a touch of lemon juice to your recipe with the heavy cream. Personally, I substitute plain yogurt for the lower fat content, and it tastes the same.

What milk and vinegar ratio replaces buttermilk?

If you're asking for a buttermilk substitute, place one tablespoon of lemon juice or vinegar in a one cup measure. Fill to one cup mark with regular milk and let sit for five minutes. Use for buttermilk in any [[Q/Can you replace milk for buttermilk in a recipe#|recipe]]. I don't think plain milk would give the correct flavor to the recipe.

How many carbohydrates in cheesecake?

It depends ... the plain cheesecake has 25g carbohydrates, which means 8%. For example, the 30th Anniversary Chocolate Cake Cheesecake from Cheesecake Factory has 127g carbohydrates, which means 42%.

How do you get ridd off stretch marks quickly?

Lemon juice is a effective remedy to get rid of stretch marks due to its bleaching agents. Apply lemon juice on the affected area and massage in the circular motion. Leave for 10 minutes than wash off with plain water.

What can budgies drink?

water plain fresh apple juice plain fresh orange juice

May I borrow your baked cod recipe?

Here is my simple and delicious baked cod recipe. Preheat your oven to 400 degrees. Place the cod into individual pieces of tin foil. Make sure there is enough tin foil that you can enclose each piece completely. Brush the cod with a mixture of olive oil, lemon juice and plain or seasoned bread crumbs. Seal the foil around the fish and bake for 12-14 minutes. Remove the fish from the tin foil after its bakes and serve with a lemon wedge.

Do sugar cubes go in tea?

Yes This is a matter of preference. Some people like lemon juice added to tea, some like honey, some like it plain.

How much milk and lemon juice will be needed to replace a cup of sour creme?

Milk and lemon juice become sour when combined and can be used to replace buttermilk or sour milk in recipes (one cup of milk with one tablespoon of lemon juice.) But they do not become thick enough to make a good replacement for sour cream. A better replacement for a cup of sour cream would be a cup of plain yogurt, preferrably Greek yogurt or strained yogurt. (Put a cup and a half of plain yogurt in a striner lined with a coffee filter, cheesecloth or nut milk sack, allow to drain 2-4 hours.) Other appropriate substitutions would be a cup of silken (not firm) tofu or a cup of the thick portion of canned coconut milk, each with a tablespoon of lemon juice.

What does plain flour do to lemon meringues?

it provides a real good pastry base for lemon meringue pie.

What is a good broccoli salad recipe?

A good Broccoli salad recipe is called simply Broccoli salad. The recipe consists of broccoli florets, red onion raisins, dry roasted sunflower seeds, plain yogurt, orange juice, and mayonnaise. One can mix up all the ingredients and enjoy a tasty broccoli salad.

Can cider vinegar be substituted with burgundy vinegar?

Yes, but it depends on the recipe: cider vinegar has a sweetness to it (like apples), whereas balsamic vinegar has a really strong, tannic taste (like a heavy red wine). If you don't have cider vinegar, but you think balsamic would taste too strong, use lemon juice, plain vinegar, orange juice, dry white wine, etc. If you aren't baking with the vinegar, then you can also opt to omit it.