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Hi, I hope you have spoken to your Doctor? Your having night seizers "Epilepsy" - they would happen to me if I had a heavy night on the wine or not a lot of sleep. I saw a specialist who put me on Lamotrigine tablets for 10 years, I only had two seizers within that time. Last year I asked my Specialist if I could start coming off them as I went six years without any seizers.

It's been one year off Lamotrigine and I had a seizer in my sleep last night (my tongue is so sore). I'm not too worried as the Doctor said if I only have the odd seizer and they are well spaced out there is no need to go back on tablets. Night epilepsy doesn't affect you driving so you won't lose your licence - if a seizer happens when your awake the DVLA will take your licence. But don't worry Epilepsy has many forms and night seizers is a mild form, many people have this problem and don't know it's sleep seizers.

Best of luck!

AnswerMaybe the result of teeth grinding (bruxism) or to an involuntary jaw muscle jerk due to a bad dream-- either one could be caused by STRESS. If you are doing frequent painful damage to your tongue, you might want to see you dentist about a mouth guard appliance to protect your tongue.

Also, just to add to this. If you do decide to wear a mouth guard appliance (night guard) while you sleep to protect your tongue you can get a custom made one online through a night guard lab called Sentinel Mouthguard Co. instead of going through an expensive dentist. They charge about 1/5 of what the dentist charges and it's the exact same thing. Or you can try the store bought kind but most people find them to be too uncomfortable to actually sleep in. If you're going to wear a night time guard it really needs to be thin and custom fitted to your exact dental anatomy. Hope this helps!

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Q: Why do you bite your tongue in your sleep?
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