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Why do you call God God?

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Answer:The word God comes from long before Middle English. The Online Oxford English Dictionary said that the ulterior etymology is disputed, but that it is likely rooted in an Old Teutonic word gudo, with pre-Teutonic roots ghudho-m or ghutó-m, which could mean "what is invoked" or "what is worshipped by sacrifice". Old Teutonic is also known as Proto-Germanic, and existed from roughly 2500-500 BC. We have no written texts in this language as it is so old.

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What did Islam call there god?

Muslims call their god, Allah (The Arabic name for God).

What do Jains call their god?

Jains call their god Tirthankar.

What do muslums call their god?

Muslims call their god Allah

When moses asked god what he should call him what did god say?

god said "moses you can call me tom"

What do Catholics call God?


Did Jacob's call god his god?

he did

Why jesus brother did't call him is god?

Would you call your brother god?

Can the god possess human?

the answer is:No!,the god not possess human the god enter human body because human call the god using ritual, the ethnic who can call god example:Bali ethnic this ethnic call god using Hindu ritual to pray the god

What would you call a son of an Olympian and a god in Greek mythology?

You would call him a god

Do Hindus call there god messiah?

No your mistaken only christians call there god the messiah.

What do Buddhism call their god?

There is no God in Buddhism

What did the Europeans call God?

they called him god

What do wiccans call their god?

The horned god.

What did the ancient Egyptians call their call their crocodile god?

I'm not sure this was your queston but the Egyptian call the god of crocodiles Sobeck

What do christians call god in prayer?

god, or father, we don't have a exact name for him he is our god and our father so we call him those.

In the book A Christmas Rat by Avi how is his number interpreted to mean call God?

call God

What do Sikhs call god?

Sikhs call God Waheguru, which translated means Wonderful Lord.

What did God and Jesus call humans?

Son of God.

Do Christians also call the Bible the Word of God?

Yes, Christians do call the Bible the Word of God.

Why did God called Moses?

god call moses because he loved god

What god do Christians worship?

we don't have a exact name for him we just call him either god or father. other religions just call him the christian god.

What do followers of Christianity call their suprem being?

We call HIM GOD the father God the son God the Holy Spirit, Jesus Christ,Lord and Savior,

How do you call someone who believe in god but not god from bible?

If someone decides not to believe that there is not a God, then that is their choice - why the need to call them anything - live and let live.

How can you call God?


What god did the ojibwa have?

The Ojibwa people call God , "The Creator" .