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Why do you classify carbon dioxide as inorganic?

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CO2 is an inorganic cpd (the ONLY inorganic cpd) because it does not have a H atom covalently bonded to a C atom (a property of an organic cpd).

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Is carbon dioxide inorganic?

Yes, carbon dioxide is inorganic.

Is carbon dioxide an inorganic compound?

Carbon dioxide IS an inorganic compound!

Carbon in carbon dioxide is an example of carbon in an inorganic compound?

Yes. Carbon dioxide is a carbon compound that is inorganic.

Is carbon dioxide a organic or inorganic?


CO2 is a inorganic compound?

Carbon dioxide is an inorganic gas. CO2 is the chemical formula of carbon dioxide.

Is carbon dioxide organic or an inorganic compound?

Inorganic, all oxides of carbon are inorganic compounds.

Is carbon dioxide organic or inorganic compound?


Is Carbon dioxide organic or inorganic?

it is inorganic molecule

Is carbon dioxide an inorganic molocule?

it is inorganic molecule

What are examples of inorganic carbon?

Carbon monoxide (CO) and carbon dioxide (CO2) are examples of inorganic carbon.

Is carbon dioxide a oganic macromolecule?

No, carbon dioxide is a small inorganic molecule.

Is water and carbon dioxide inorganic?

yes. both are inorganic

What is the inorganic form of carbon which plants use in making food?

the inorganic form of carbon is carbon dioxide

What is the process by which carbon moves from inorganic carbon dioxide to organic?

Photosynthesis - Carbon dioxide to glucose

Is nitrogen dioxide inorganic or organic?

Nitrogen dioxide (NO2) is inorganic; it does not contain carbon (C).

What are the organic products in carbon dioxide and water?

Water is an inorganic product.Although carbon dioxide contain carbon is traditionally considered also an inorganic product.

Is the carbon dioxide of carbonated soft drinks organic or inorganic?


Is silica dioxide quartz organic or inorganic?

It is inorganic (does not contain carbon).

How do you classify matter into organic and inorganic?

All organic compounds contain carbon; most inorganic compounds doesn't contain carbon.

Why carbon dioxide considered as inorganic compound?

an organic compound is a compound which must contain hydrogen and carbon but carbon dioxide consists of carbon only so it is considered as a inorganic compound.

Are there inorganic compound that contains carbon?

yes. such as carbon monoxide, carbon dioxide, carbonates, bicarbonates and inorganic (metal) carbides.

Are carbonates organic or inorganic compounds?

Carbonates and carbon dioxide are considered inorganic despite containing carbon.

Is carbon dioxide inorganic molecule?


Are carbon dioxide and water organic compunds?

Water is an inorganic compound; carbon dioxide is theoretically an organic compound but by tradition is studied in inorganic chemistry.

Is CO2 inorganic or organic?

Carbon dioxide is typically classified as an inorganic compound.