Why do you draw eyes?

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Well I personally draw eyes because they are the window to your soul. and you can make they look so different with very little work

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Q: Why do you draw eyes?
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How do you draw cartoon people eyes?

Below , at the related link , is a tutorial on how to draw cartoon eyes .

How do you draw smurfs?

FirSt you draw a circle then you draw hat nexy you draw two cirles for the eyes

How do you draw people in to chibis?

What i do when i draw "Chibi" is make them small with huge eyes. The bigger the eyes the cuter they look!

How do you draw angry eyes?


How do you draw eyes proply?

- You draw eyes by drawing an oval shape that is pointed at the sides. - Then you draw the top of the eyelid with eyelashes - you then draw a circle then another circle inside that 1. Wola you have an eye!

How do you draw eyes?

Draw ovals, draw circles inside of them. Or, draw the upper eyelashes and draw the iris underneath. draw little shimmery-shines in the iris, and a pupil.

How do you draw sonic?

well there are some how to draw videos on youtube but i draw him with a circle a fraction of four i draw his muzzle and then the eyes then his real eyes then his mouth then i draw his noze and then spikes then erase the circle the fraction of four then draw his body with the spike and tail then i draw his arms then his gloves then i draw his legs and shoes then i coler him Sonicmelanie

How can you draw the annoying orange?

Draw an orange circle, draw eyes and a mouth and voila! It's the annoying orange!

How do you draw a rel looking bird?

first draw the head and then eyes than a beak.

How do you draw Santa?

first draw the head, then draw the body, next draw the mittens, then draw the legs and boots, finally, draw the eyes, mouth, nose, hat, and beard.

Where can one find instructions on how to draw Manga eyes?

How to Draw Manga is a site that is dedicated to showing you step-by-step instructions on how to draw Manga eyes. You can also find instructional videos on YouTube.

Is drawing eyes nose and mouth bad?

it is bad to draw eyes and mouth and nose

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