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because im nerves

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Q: Why do you feel sick at a new school?
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Why do i Feel sick after head injury?

I only eat only twice or 3 times a day. I go to school. I go to Butler Primary School. I have to go to the sick bay alot. Um....... When I get sick then I don't go to school but my Mum says that I have to go when I feel sick. I feel sick all day. I will relive toe real awnser: if you go to work highschool or normal school then you shouldn't go to work highschool or normal school. That was the awnser

How do you feel as a new student in the school?

If I were a new student I would feel nervous.

Is sick a mood?

Sick is a mood because when you say you feel sick that is a mood you are feeling.Such as i feel sick

What is you feel sick in dutch?

I feel sick is: Ik voel ziek Do you feel sick is: Voel je ziek?

Do you feel sick after kissing?

You should not feel sick after kissing. The only time you would feel sick is if the person you kissed was sick and passed germs on to you. However, you would not feel sick right away.

Tired dizzy and feel sick?

my girlfriend feel tired and sick

Can your grandmother kick you out for not going to school because you feel sick?

If you are 18 or over, or if she is not actually your legal guardian, then yes, she can.

How does it feel like to be the new kid at school?

i feltshy

How do you say i feel sick in portuguese?

In English "I feel sick" can mean multiple things: "I feel bad" = "Eu sento-me mal" "I feel sick" (like a cold) = "Eu sento-me constipado"

When I sit in a certain room at school I feel really ill No matter what time of day it is who the teacher is or what lesson I feel sick What is happening?

Have you ever thought about the room not liking you?

If you have car sick do you feel the same when you have airsick?

Yes. Also you feel the same when you have sea-sick. You can take a medicine before you must fly so you will not feel sick.

What is future tense of you are feeling sick?

You will feel sick.