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You feel thirsty after eating greasy oily foods because oil has salt in it and humans are most likely to put salt in greasy foods and salt makes you want water or any other liquid

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Q: Why do you feel thirsty after eating oily food?
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Why do you feel too thirsty after oily food?

Fat metabolism which takes place in the liver releases energy and heat as the fats are high calorie food. So naturally body needs to balance it. So it responds by being thirsty !

Can food affect puberty?

eating oily food can give you pimples

Does a healthy diet remove pimples and spots?

Yes it does bc you are not eating all that oily food!

Why does sodium chloride feel oily?

Sodium chloride doesn't feel oily.

Why do you feel thirsty after you eat oilyfoods?

Oily foods will dehydrate you. Much like alcohol, caffeine, or salty foods. Your body is just telling you that you need to replenish what you've lost.

What is healthier eating deep fried food or eating grilled food?

They both are really unhealthy. Grilled foods have grease and oily skins, while fried foods have large crisps and greasiness.

How do you become fatty?

I become fatty by eating beef's fat, milk and egg both mixer, oily food, and by sleeping.

Why waxy taste in mouth when eating now?

The waxy taste you are experiencing is probably due to eating cold, oily food. If you are eating oily food always heat it up prior to eating. If this does not solve it, you may want to brush your teeth more often as this could be related to bacteria in your mouth. If this is really bothering you, consult your dentist or GP. Any questions, please don't hesitate to send me a message via WikiAnswers. Johann

How do you keep your heart in a healthy condition?

Exercising daily running jogging & taking long breath. Eating healthy food vegetables, fruits & avoiding oily food fast food etc.

Hi im 14 going 15 on July my question is Why do you feel dizzy when eating oily foods?

Assuming there is nothing else wrong with you, it sounds like an allergic reaction to something in the food you are eating. One possible symptom of an allergy is feeling dizzy. That is all I can think of atm. Try keeping a record of what you ate when the symptoms occur. It may be that something in the cooking oil is the cause. If the symptoms occur when a certain food is served, you then know that there is something in the food that is the cause. Also, if you get stomach upset after eating these oily foods, then that would be the cause of the dizziness. An upset stomach can lead to those symptoms.

Does the starch in potatoes feel oily?

not really

What are some of the disadvantages of eating at a fast food restaurant than at one where the food is served by waiters and waitresses?

Usually at fast food resturants the food is very oily anf greasy and can be very unhealthy nit usually in a resturants in which

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