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Q: Why do you find metamorphosed rocks with unmetamorphosed rocks?
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Which rocks are metamorphic rocks?

Marble (metamorphosed limestone) Slate (metamorphosed shale) Gneiss (metamorphosed granite)

Limestone is the parent rock of this?

Limestone is the parent rock of marble. The word marble can be used to refer to both metamorphosed and unmetamorphosed limestone.

Which characteristic of rocks tends to increase as the rocks are metamorphosed?


What three types of rocks can be metamorphosed into metamorphic rocks?

The 3 basic rock types are igneous, sedimentary and metamorphic rocks, which can all be changed or metamorphosed by heat and pressure.

What are 3 specific types of metamorphic rocks and what was their parent rock?

Slate--metamorphosed shale or mudstone.Phyllite--metamorphosed slate.Quartzite--metamorphosed sandstone.

What type of substance is marble?

Marble is any metamorphosed limestone without a strong foliation i.e. a limestone that metamorphosed without strong strain in any particular direction to produce a consistent structure in that direction. It's a relatively specific term in geology, but a lot of other rocks are informally called marble which aren't really true marble - often they're unmetamorphosed fine grained limestones, or something similar.

What are metamorphic rocks made?

preexisting rocks that have been metamorphosed by cooking and crushing.

When rocks are metamorphosed the pressure causes them to become what?

Deformed, and change into metamorphic rocks.

When granite rocks get metamorphosed they changes into?


What is Supracrustal rocks?

Supracrustal rocks are those sedimentary or volcanic rocks deposited or formed over the basement rocks which were later metamorphosed.

List 2 ways rocks can be metamorphosed?

by heat and pressure on the rock