Why do you garnish your food?

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It depends what it is but i normally garnish everything with salt and pepper.

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Q: Why do you garnish your food?
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Why should you garnish food?

Garnishing food is not a prerequisite to eat healthy. Garnish adds to the appeal and whets the appetite for good eating, makes food attractive, and can sometimes add a hint of nutrients -- depending upon the garnish.

What do garnish do?

Garnish is used simply to enhance a dish or plate of food to make it more inviting.

Garnish of mixed vegetables?

A garnish is a small portion of an edible food that is put on a plate to make the food more appealing. A garnish of mixed vegetables might be parsley with a few peas and carrots or onion.

What is a garnish for?

A garnish on a plate of food is meant to enhance the overall look of the meal, and therefore enhance your overall enjoyment of eating the meal, a garnish is usually edible too.

What are functions of garnish in food?

Appearance only-to make the food look more attractive.

What are the uses of a green onion?

Tha seasonfood,garnish food

What is the difference between a garnish and a sauce?

A garnish can be any type of food, fruit, vegitables, herbs, anything. Just to make the dish look pretty. A sauce can be a garnish but most of the time you do not eat the garnish. For example a garnish would be when you put mint on top of a meat just to make it look pretty.

Where does garnish for food come from?

Garnishes are usually part of the ingrdients that have gone into the dish. so if there is mint in it a sprig of mint may be used as garnish.

How do you make the food more appetizing?

you can put it on a nice plate and garnish it

What is the purpose of a garnish?

to decorate food make it more intersting and edible

What is the meaning of food garnish?

A garnish is an edible decoration, e.g. a little bit of salad or a sprig of parlsey or maybe a fancy carved piece of carrot.

Why are garnish important?

The garnish is a very important part of the dish because presentation is everything, the prettier the food looks the more people will want to try it.

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