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Q: Why do you get a blister after mediport flush?
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How do you flush a mediport?

Mediports are used for treatments such as chemotherapy, blood transfusions and intravenous medication. It is flushed out with normal saline or heparin.

Does a mediport require a heparin flush after each IV infusion such as remicade?

Heparin is an anti clotting substance so no, probably not. Maybe just saline.

What is a mediport?

a mediport is used like an iv. ivs have to be changed frequently but a mediport is inside you and you use a different needle that has to be changed less.

Where can one download Mediport?

A person can download what is known as a Mediport by paying a visit to sites that currently sponsor such products and then selecting the download button from there.

What is the cpt code used for mediport removal?


How do you de access a mediport?

You pull the needle that you accessed the port with out.

How do you de-access a mediport?

You pull the needle that you accessed the port with out.

What to do if mediport will not flush?

depending on the agent /abx/chehemotherapy/ blood product, there is tendency for these to react and clot , which eventually may harden . Heparin may be an answer to soften the clot, if heparin does not work, Streptokinase is likely answer. Then run some saline to facilitate easy flow.

What is the Meaning of blister in blister copper?

The meaning of the 'blister' in blister copper is for that fact that its appearance is caused by the escaping sulfur dioxide which gives it the blister look.

How often should mediport access be changed?

Every 96 hours

What is the correct icd 9 code for removal of a mediport cathater?


What is a labial blister?

A blister on the labia