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Because moths eat clothes.That's usually what they mostly eat.

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What should you do if you find clothes moths flying around your house?

*Cedar chips do work and you can put them in a pair of old nylon panty hose. Cut a 4 x 4 inch square, put cedar chips in, and make several of these little packs, then place them in your close closet with a string. They are out of sight and smell much better than moth balls. Larger moths aren't the real problem, but clothing moths are tiny. If you see them around the house they are probably coming from your closet. The larger moths can simply be caught in a jar (if you don't want to kill them) or swatted with a fly swatter. *I have heard that putting down some cedar chips in the closet or area they are condensed in helps. You can also use moth balls but, most people don't care for the smell. Or, if you decide to be entertained: Buy a cat. It may not help to permanently get rid of the moths, but, wow, is it hysterical.

My linen closet has been attacked by moths! What are some ways to prevent moths?

There are several different ways that you can protect your things from moths. Mothballs are one choice. I really can't stand the smell of them though , and the smell lasts forever. A better solution would be to buy some cedar blocks. They work just as good as moth balls and smell much better! Another idea would be to get some small plastic containers with lids. You could put them in your linen closet , and that would also help you keep everything organized neater too.

What do tiger moths eat?

tiger moths ,(,like most moths ,adult moths) drink nectar ,baby moths eat clothes.

What eats sweaters?

If something is eating your sweaters, it is probably moths. There are several remedies for moths eating your clothing. One is to hang cedar in your closet, but there are specialty moth repellants, like moth balls, but of course they present other hazards (like being toxic when eaten by a child or pet).

What are the Islamic moths of islam?

There are no Islamic moths. Maybe butterflies, but no moths.

What is the collective noun for moths?

The collective nouns are a collection of moths, a whisper of moths.

Are hummingbird moths dangerous?

No no moths are dangerous! I love moths and well they are not dangerous.

Are moths amphibians?

No moths are insects

Why are some moths called polyphemus?

Polyphemus Moths are a species of giant silkworm moths

What are the two types of peppered moths?

Black peppered moths and white peppered moths

Are Moths invertebrates or a vertebrates?

Moths are insects, all insects are invertebrates: moths are invertebrates.

What does I have moths in my house mean?

The statement "Have moths in my house" means that there are moths in a given house.

What are moths before they are moths?

It is a hairy caterpillar.

Are cecropia moths vertebrates?

No, moths are insects.

How many moths does it take to make a baby moths?

Two. Sometimes more moths may be involved though. It depends on how freaky and skanky the moths are.

What do you call a group of moths?

Moths are very similar to butterflies. The group of insects that butterflies and moths belong to is the Lepidoptera. A group of only moths are called a wainscot.

What do baby moths eat?

Baby moths eat wood and grown-up moths eat cotton

Why are moths not colorful?

Beacause moths are so small.

Do moths eat spiders?

No. Spiders eat moths.

How do Luna moths eat?

they do not eat because they have no moths

What do mammoth moths eat?

Other mammoth moths

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