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Why do you get water infections?

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Dont know exactly which ones your talking about so I will touch on a few. If your talking about ear infections that's because when water enters the ear drum and does not dry out, it is a perfect place for bacteria to form, then we get ear aches and the like. If your talking about in a already existing wound then that's because there are all sorts of stuff floating around in the water that enter the wound and get infected. There is also bacteria in ponds, rivers, lakes any water that does not move consistantly including pools and spas, that are not treated properly, either by polluters or not the right chemicals that bacteria grow in and enter the body through either a wound or any orafice on the body, ears, mouth, eyes and private areas. The ocean has the best of all world so to speak, it moves constantly and the salt content in the water does not allow bacteria to form on its own. Not to say that fish cant form bacteria, Im talking about the water itself.

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Diseases of fish?

There are many types of diseases that can affect fish. These include viral infections, bacterial infections, fungal infections, and water mold infections.

What are water diseases called?

Water borne infections

Can children under 5 get water infections?

There is a possibility,they can only get water infections only if they don't wipe themselves properly.

Can water infections be dangerous when pregnant?


Does salt take away tooth infections?

Gargling with salt water can slow the spread of mouth infections.

Is cranberry juice good for water infections?


Can cervical cancer cause water infections?


What is the cause of water infections?

Infections can occur in the gastrointestinal tract because of drinking polluted water. Water can be polluted with fecal matter, toxins, microorganisms and other harmful substances. So it is required to properly filter the water before drinking.

What helps fight infections and germs?

One of the most important guards against infections and germs is proper hand washing with soap and water.

What causes bladder infections?

if you dont drink water or hold your pee

Can vinegar cause yeast infections?

no! it is antibacterial. it actually help yeast infections. douching with apple cider vinegar diluted in water is very beneficial.

What is used to prevent a viral infections?

Use of mask prevent so many airborne viral infections. Use of sanitary disposal of human excreta and proper filtration and purification of the water, prevents the spread of so many water borne viral infections like hepatitis A. Use of simple exhaust fan in the office of the physician protect him from many airborne viral infections.

Is barley water benificial to the kidneys?

Yes. Barley water is good for Kidneys as well as good for urinary infections.

How can you prevent urinary tract infections?

By drinking plenty of water and cranberry juice =)

Can well water cause vaginal infections?

Not unless the well is infected and you swim in it.

Does sweet oil help ear infections?

I don't know about it helping ear infections, but I had a bad case of swimmers ear (water trapped in the ear, and it HURTS!), and the sweet oil released the water in under 20 minutes

What are the most common causes of yeast infections?

The most common causes of yeast infections are using scented soaps and oils in the bath water or shower. A good home remedy for yeast infections is drinking cranberry juice at the first sign of infection.

How do you prevent kidney infections?

Drink lots of water; take cranberry supplements. If you have many of them, visit a urologist to see if there is a physical reason for repeated infections and try to do something in that direction.

If one is prone to urine infections but wont drink water what can be done to stop the urine infections?

go to the doc, get antibiotics, take them with a glass of coke. or mix them with your food if you want.

Can cats get urinary infections from drinking out of toilet?

I doubt it. A cat will only drink clean water out of a toilet bowl, so the likelihood of a cat becoming ill from drinking water is unlikely. A cat usually contracts urinary infections from not drinking enough water and the urine becomes too concentrated.

Does sodium chloride kill infections?

Absorbing all the water sodium chloride kill microorganisms.

How did poodles that were used as water retrievers keep from getting ear infections?

they use ear plugs

How does a man get a bladder infection?

Guys usually get bladder infections from not drinking enough water and/or fluids.

What happens when animals drink stale water?

They may catch infections, get diahrrea and even die.

What diseases are associated with Serratia Marcescens?

Infections of the eye including but not limited to Keratitis and tear duct infections, infections of the urinary tract, infections of the respiratory system, and infections of wounds.

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