Why do you have a craving for anything with vinegar in it?

Updated: 8/16/2019
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Q: Why do you have a craving for anything with vinegar in it?
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Does the craving of anything with vinegar or anything sour have anything to do with stomach issues?

Yes, it can easily melt your insides. So be careful just u can have vinegar b/c it's yummy but do not eat to much!

Is craving vinegar a sign of pregnancy?

Craving vinegar could be a sign of pregnancy. Women who are pregnant crave many different food items. This is believed to be because of dietary deficiencies.

What does vinegar do to you if you drinking it undiluted?

Vinegar cleans out your system. It may be an acid but it does not hurt you You do not take it every day. I take it because of the craving Ihave for it.

What does craving coconut mean?

When one is craving coconut is doesn't necessarily mean anything. They could just be craving something sweet or they really like coconut.

What dilutes vinegar?

Anything except more vinegar.

What would cause a craving for vinegar?

I've had the same question for years. I've craved vinegar ever since I was 7 or 8. Sometimes when I think about vinegar, my taste buds water. I eat pickles like there is no tomorrow, and I sometimes drink vinegar straight out of the jar.

If you heat vinegar or alcohol will it destroy the allergenic part of brewer's yeast so that people with allergies may consume the food with vinegar or alcohol in it?

no it will kill you by making your head explode and then you will have a craving for sporks

Can i be preagent if i crave vinegar?

As I don't know your sexual circumstances, I suggest buying a pregnancy test kit from a chemist. There are usually more to possible pregnancy that simply craving vinegar - so get the test.

What does vinegar do to a loose vagina?

Vinegar doesn't do anything.

What can be pickled?

Anything that can absorb the vinegar or the brine used to pickle. I.e a cucumber in brine, eggs in vinegar.

Is vinegar ph3 mostly acidic?

Anything with a pH less than 7 is acidic.

Do you use glass cruets for anything besides vinegar and vinaigrettes?

While you can use them for anything you would like to, in the majority of cases they are used to store vinegar, vinaigrettes or oil.