Why do you have blond pubic hair not brown or black?


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I have brown hair but blond pubic hair


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Not all pubic hair is black. It can be blond or red or brown.

Because if they were blond they would get stained brown and that is gross.

i have blond hair,too.i don't have armpit or leg hair that's black

no, some pubic hair are short crules and other are more straght. also some are red, some are blond, or brown or even black.

blonds have blond pubic hair as red heads have red pibic hair

No Some do and some don't, it really depends on the genes. When I was around twelve, my pubic hair was blonde, but around 13 it started to change into a dark brown.

People in China's characteristics are: brown and black hair. there hair natural hair colors are: black, brown, brightish brown, white and brownish blond. People in China's characteristics are: brown and black hair. there hair natural hair colors are: black, brown, brightish brown, white and brownish blond.

I am 20 years old. I have blond hair on my head. My pubic hair is much darker than the hair on my head, best described as an ash color. I do think it is more common for blond hair men to have darker colored pubic hair, but definitely not a given.

It turns blond if one uses the dark to blond hair dye.

Max is 5'8 and has brown hair with blond streaks Fang is 6'0 and has longish black hair Iggy is over 6'0 and has strawberry blond hair Nudge is black and has brown hair. Gazzy has blond hair Angel has blond curly hair Ages: 14,14,14,11,8,6

no pixie Lott's hair is black with blond streets in.

It isn't, always, however the pigment of your pubic hair is related to the pigment of...well, the rest of your hair. If your hair is naturally brown, then your hair is brown. I've seen red, blonde, black (which is really dark brown), etc.

If they have blond hair on their head, then they have blonde hair everywhere.

Not always. The color of the hair on your head does not have to match the rest of your body hair.

any color i know two people with blond hair that had a child with black hair one with brown hair and one with black hair any color i know two people with blond hair that had a child with black hair one with brown hair and one with black hair

Hi, im a 17 year old girl and i have blond hair on my head, but down there its totally black. its also really thick on my vajayjay :-), but not on my head. i see my family and friends naked all the time and sme of them have blond hair, brown, black and even red! its the same for all of my family.

The answer to this question depends on their parents' hair colors. If both have a blond (or red) haired parent, it is possible they could have children with blond (or red) hair. The black is more dominant than brown, so if the black haired parent has two black haired parents it is much more likely they will have black hair or the black has about 65% the brown has 35% so it will be a mix of black and brown probably black with a bit of brown i was learning about DNA

Annabeth does have blond hair in the series of books. In the movie she has brown hair because the actor has brown hair. She should have blond hair.

Blonde hair. Worldwide, more people have brown or black hair than any other color.

yeah emo hair is eather black, brown and blond XxXxXxXxXconversechick XxXxXxXxX

"Blond people CAN have blond pubic hair- in fact, all the body hair of true blonds is blond, like blond eyebrows, blond armpit hair, even blond chest-hair believe it or not. I know this is true because I myself am a true blond, and all the above-statements are very true in my case. It's the same concept as a brown-haired person having all-brown body hair, just blond instead of brown. It's all in the genes! if the blond color is the expressed trait, then blond is the only color that will appear on the body, unless you dye it of course. I assume the concept can cross-over to redheads also, but I can't be completely sure. That's a question you'll have to ask a red-headed person!"That is not true. I was born with very light blond hair (which in the past 8 years or so has changed to a medium/dark blond). However I have brown eyebrows and black eyelashes. Some of my body hair is blond and some is brown. The carpets don't match the drapes... The reason behind this could be the fact that I'm of mixed ethnicity. Whatever is it I'm SO glad I don't have to deal with blond eyebrows and eyelashes (like my mom has). I personally think it's ugly.I am a blond person and mine have always been a dark brown.Added: I'm a natural blond and all of my body hair is blond. Now, it's not all the same shade of blond, but it's still blond. My eyebrows, leg hair, eyelashes and pubic hair are the darkest I have, which is like an ash blond. My arm hair, underarm hair, and other body hair is all very light, even lighter than the hair on my head, which is light blond.I'm also male, if that makes a difference.No

Pubic hairs' colors will vary depending on your genetics. Even if your hair color is blonde, you may have brown pubic hair, or possibly red pubic hair. It all depends on genetics and luck. However, shaving will cause it to turn a darker shade.

It depends on your hair color. This is just my opinion, if you have black hair or red hair, I don't know what color. If you have brown hair you should get blond highlights and if you have blond hair you should get brown highlights.

Lighter hair colors have higher level numbers. The following are the levels and colors:BlackVery Dark BrownDark BrownMedium BrownLight BrownDark BlondMedium BlondLight BlondVery Light BlondLightest Blond

Yes. There are black Americans with naturally red/blond/brown hair as hair color of any color isn't exclusive to one race.

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