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Clear fluid coming from your nipple can be due to nipple stimulation, hormonal imbalance, or pregnancy. See your health care provider for an exam.


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I am not pregnant and i am not on birth control pill and have clear fluid coming from my nipple what can cause this symptom?

When a person suffers a head injury it is possible for cerebrospinal fluid to leak out. After a head injury if the victim has clear fluid coming from the nose or ears it should be checked to determine if it is cerebrospinal fluid.

Clear fluid coming from the ears or nose is called otorrhea (fluid from the ear) or rhinorrhea (fluid form the nose). The concern with these findings is that the fluid is cerebrospinal fluid resulting from a passageway from the dural space into the external environment, especially in the setting of trauma or prior neurosurgical intervention. To detect cerebrospinal fluid (the clear fluid we're concerned about) mixed with blood coming from the ears or nose, get a sample of the fluid on a gauze pad. A positive test for CSF is a clear fluid surrounding the blood, a "halo."

Females Who Use The Pill Will Get This For A While.

It means your healthy and it does it to keep nipple ducts open to let air in

Probably not. Getting your period is a pretty reliable sign that you are not pregnant. It's normal to secrete small amounts of fluid from you nipples. If it seems excessive, consult your doctor. Well my daughter is 11 and she has liquid coming out of her nipples what does that mean??

No. I wish I could tell you more but that is the first time I've ever heard of this. Tell your parents.

Yes. but your vaginal lubrication fluid color normally ranges from clear to milky. The color does not indicate whether you are pregnant or not.

In the presence of head trauma they it could be cerebral spinal fluid which would be evidence of a serious injury.

This is the correct word for a projection that a fluid comes from.

I don't think so it could be something wrong your nipple could have a infection go to the doctors

Seminal vesicle fluid (also known as pre-cum). Also, urine. Usually not a problem.

The vagina is a self-cleaning organ. The clear fluid is produced by the body and its function is to keep the vagina clean and moist.

You have an infection is most likely

The amniotic fluid is clear

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