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Paying for World of Warcraft allows Blizzard Entertainment to continue to create good content. It also pays for the salaries of all the employees (including game masters, forum mods, and server techs), pays to keep the lights on and the servers up, and gives the Blizzard bosses some money to keep them happy. Creating content, and keeping the lights and servers up is not cheap, and not free, so you have to pay to play.

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Q: Why do you have to pay in World of Warcraft?
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Do you have to pay for World of Warcraft?

Yes, you have to pay for world of warcraft, it's $15US a month. Discounts available for multiple months payment.

How much do you have to pay monthley for World of Warcraft?

World of Warcraft costs $15 dollars a month.

Is World of Warcraft pay to play?


Do you have to pay monthly for world of Warcraft if you buy it at a store?

Yes, World of Warcraft is a subscription based game. You will need to pay on a month by month basis to play it.

Does any one know where to get a free World of Warcraft World of Warcraft wrath of the litch king or World of Warcraft burning crusade key generator?

You will still have to pay the 15$/mo. -- If you do not want to pay a store for the installation media, you can download the installer form the World of Warcraft site. But like the previous answer, you still have to pay the monthly fee. You also have to pay to start the service and for the expansions.

Why do you pay money to play World of Warcraft?

They make you pay for World of Warcraft because all the graphic designs and all that they can't just pay it all alone that would be way expensive.

Do you have to pay for the full version of World of Warcraft?

Yes, you have to pay for the full version. It is not that expensive.

When do you stop paying for World of Warcraft?

you always pay everymonth

How much do do you have to pay for World of Warcraft?

Roughly 15.00 a month

Can you play world of Warcraft free if you own the sentence disk?

No, you must pay the $15.00 each and every month in order to play world of warcraft. If you don't pay you don't play.

If you download World of Warcraft do you have to pay monthly?

Yes. However, you can download a free-to-try trial of World of Warcraft on their website. That demo allows you to try out World of Warcraft for 10 days, totally free. If you then want to proceed playing on that account, you can choose to pay a monthly fee.

How much do you pay each month for world of warcraft?

If you set up auto pay $14.99

How do you play World of Warcraft without paying money?

You don't. To play World of Warcraft on the official live servers, you have to pay the monthly subscription fee.

How do power levelers level in World of Warcraft?

They pay for guides that tell them how.

Do you have to pay money for World of Warcraft?

yes i think its 15 a month

How much you have to pay month for World of Warcraft?

$15.00 per month.

How much is World of Warcraft if you pay every six months?

about 70$$

How do you not pay for World of Warcraft and still play it?

You must pay to play World of Warcraft. That is the only way if you want to play the full game. You can use the trial account if you want, however you will be severely limited in what you can do.

If you buy World of Warcraft in a store do you have to make monthly payments?

It doesn't matter where you buy world of warcraft. if you buy World of Warcraft in a shop then you will get the CD/DVD and the CD key and if you buy it Online then you will get the key with email. with this key you can register an World of Warcraft account. then you have to pay a monthly fee that you can pay with a normal credit card or you can buy a gamecard with 60days play time (not ingame play time.

How you can not pay the subscription in World of Warcraft?

Well, if you don't pay the fee you can't play. It's that simple.

Do you have to pay for an account for World of Warcraft and how much does it cost?

Monthly fee is about $15.00

Is there a free World of Warcraft?

you can get a 10 day free trial but after that you have to pay :D

What is better World of Warcraft or Maplestory?

This question can not be answered. It is a personal choice. Well, you need to pay to play world of warcraft, and maplestory is free.... Well, I'd say world of warcraft. You can download private server. But maplestory is also really good.

What are the four advantages of the computer?

1. world of warcraft 2. world of warcraft 3. world of warcraft 4. world of warcraft

World of Warcraft the best game or not?

It is the worst game in the world you have to pay for everthing u do wast of mouny