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Why do you hear voices in your head?

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It is a function of your audio and nervous system. When a sound produced it causes vibrations in the inner ear, these are translated as voices or other audio phenomena by your brain.

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Who sings you hear voices in your head?

rev theory

Is it normal to hear two voices constantly conversing in your head?

no it it not normal. hearing two voices in your head can show that you are going crazy

Does Randy Orton hear voices in his head?

no that is just part of his character

What band sings you hear voices in your head?

chris young sings it.

How much is it to change a VW bus into an automatic?

i hear voices in my head

What does it mean when you constantly hear multiple voice in your head converse?

If you constantly hear multiple voices in your head converse, it is possible that you suffer from schizophrenia.

Who sing randy orton's song I hear voices in my head?

erv theory

Does Randy Orton really hear voices?

Randy Orton only hears voices in WWE when he goes to that place in his head and then does an RKO!

Why do you hear noises in your head and you have a very low hearing?

the voices are telling you to shut the **** up!!(:

What should you do if you keep hearing voices calling you and you keep answering even though there is no one there?

Do you mean as in voices in your head or out loud? Do you only hear voices, or do you see people aswell?

What does it mean when you hear voices in your head?

The most common theory is insanity. In general, it isn't considered normal to hear voices. Most of our explanations come from sufferers of schizophrenia. BUT many times the voices simply comment on what the individual is doing at the time. Everybody has some amount of voices, but usually it is their own voice, thinking. If you are hearing other voices, you should probably talk to a doctor about that.. BUT you are not alone over 4% of the population reported having voices in their head

Do you hear voices out loud during psychosis or inside your head?

Auditory hallucinations during schizophrenia can be perceived as either out loud or inside of the head.

Why do you hear loud yelling voices in your head?

This may be a sign of schizophrenia - I would suggest scheduling an appointment with a psychologist.

Does Edward Cullen say I hear voices in my head and your worried your the freak?

Yes. chapter 9 page 181.

Do people with multiple personalities hear voices?

Yes, almost constantly. I have a family member diagnosed with MPD and they always hear the voices in their head and usually talks back to them Yes and no it comes and goes and you do litterley hear them like someones actually their but if you've had it long enough you can talk to them without actually talcking we have verry interesting conversations and you can be co contious which sometimes you can hear eatchothers thoughts when you do that so yes mpd/did sufferers can hear voices

Things you can hear but cannot see?

music, voices, wind, the tiny voice in your head that's reading this now, and etc.

What is another name for voices by rev theory?

Umm, I Hear VoiceS?

Why can you hear ghost and hear voices?

because youre the devil

Dua to remove voices in head?

i have a problem i hear voices in my mind ANSWER I think you should read the book "Dianetics: The Modern Science of Mental Health" by L. Ron Hubbard. It tells about why that happens. A man who was I think 32 years old was hearing voices since he was 13 years old and he had Dianetics counselling and he stopped hearing voices in his head.

What band sings the song i hear voices in my head?

It's Randy Orton's theme song and it's performed by Rev Theory.

What is the definition for scitsafrenia?

you hear voices

What is the disorder where you hear voices?


When did Joan of Arc hear voices?

It was at the age of thirteen and a half, in the summer of 1425, that Joan first began to hear supernatural voices.

How can people hear astronauts voices from space?

The voices are transmitted via radio.

Randy Orton song lyrics?

I hear voices in my head, they council me, they understand, they talk to me You got your rules and your religion, all designed to keep you safe, but when rules start getting broken, you start questioning your faith I have a voice that is my savior, hates to love and loves to hate, I have a voice that has the knowledge and the power to rule your faith! I hear voices cryin' I see heroes dyin' I taste blood that's dryin' I feel tension rising I hear voices in my head, they council me, they understand, they talk to me!

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